The house where died the singer Johnny Hallyday, MArnes-la-Coquette, was broken into Monday night, and watches and jewellery were stolen. The precise amount of the damage is not known, said the prosecutor to the AFP. The same evening, three men were arrested and placed in custody, but they have since been exonerated and released. The guardians of the property called “The Savannah”, where died the singer in December 2017, discovered the break-in on Monday evening around 20: 30, specified to the AFP a police source, confirming information of RTL. The thieves reportedly entered through a window of this home located in a private park. The judicial police was seized of the investigation.

Marnes-la-Coquette, amazement reigns. “I go for a walk in the forest and I’ve come to learn,” said Maryvonne Justin, the former boss of the Swallows, bistro located at the entrance of the park.” According to it, the people were in ignorance of what happened there “up to today”. “There has been a lot of burglaries lately on the common and I myself have been the victim of an attempt a few months ago”, she says again, pointing out that, “necessarily”, a break-in at the house of Johnny Hallyday took a turn dramatic given the context.

Johnny Hallyday : his house robbed, a man was placed in police custody – Watching on Figaro Live

Asked by Le Figaro , Christiane Barody-Weiss, mayor of Marnes-la-Coquette, did not want to answer our questions, claiming that she had “no information” to provide on the circumstances of the burglary or the safety conditions in the park where is located the house of Hallyday.

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aerial View of the property from Johnny and Laeticia Hallyday at Marnes-la-Coquette (Hauts-de-Seine). Screenshot / Google Map

The building, called the Savannah, has been purchased by Johnny and Laeticia Hallyday in December 1999 and fully renovated in 2010. The house has no direct access to the street. It is accessed either by the main entrance, closed by a gate and monitored, either by the tennis court at the bottom of the garden of 5000 square meters, under the watchful eye of the cameras. According to our information, the house, unoccupied for many months, was still maintained by Fatima Gomes, the governess history of the family who went there every day, and by a guard.

In his book, survey, They are so loved , our sister Lena Lutaud describes the property in detail. “The most fascinating, it is this grid, with its white sign “Parc of Marnes-la-Coquette. Private entrance. No thoroughfareā€¯, this intercom grey and this big camera way black bubble at the height of a man, installed to the bistro Swallows and next to a small building of social housing. She hides a huge area of ten acres, which, fifty years ago, was not yet closed to the public (…) After a short walk along the local road allowed only to the cars of local residents, it is accessed by one of the two doors of the tennis court. By car, it is easier to enter through the main gate, which is guarded by a guardian in the corner of the rue de Versailles and rue Georges-and-Xavier-Schlumberger (…) With a floor, it has six bedrooms, a gym, a cinema room, an office. On THE ground floor, as in all the families where we like the good food, the most important room is the kitchen which overlooks the large lounge area.”

The house, which has not yet been relocated, contains a lot of memorabilia and personal objects of the singer. Relics that today would be likely to be purchased very dearly by fans of the rocker.

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on sale in January, a few weeks after the death of the rocker, the house is part of the assets frozen by the justice in waiting for the light to be shed on the estate. For months, the last widow of the singer, Laeticia Hallyday, and the older children of the rocker are at war. The protagonists have an appointment Tuesday, November 27, in front of the judges to examine the question of the freezing of royalties.

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