The Hungarians decided to stay by the Hungarians, but Amnesty International is not like

is There in the West things are more important than democracy? Maybe someone will say, money. Probably, but it immediately broke out a dispute. We are interested in is undeniable. It is an indisputable rights of sexual minorities. That’s what more important than democracy. Proof? Yes, that’s at least disdain in Hungary address from the human rights organization Amnesty International.

it would Seem that recently quite a democratic Parliament voted to in documents Hungarians mentioned gender at birth — male or female. 134 MPs voted in favor, and 56 against. The decision was made. Democratic, with observance of all procedures. But democracy is not the main value. There are things more important that the statements of the representatives of Amnesty International in Hungary Cristina Tamas-szara.

“This decision gets Hungary back to the middle Ages and violates the rights of transgender and intersex persons. It not only exposes them to further discrimination, but also reinforce intolerance and hostility with which this country is facing LGBTI community,” said Tamas-szara.

does the vote that Hungary will not be able to change their gender surgically? Yes no, change at least once a year. Just the passport will specify gender at birth. As a fact. And then — complete freedom of creativity. But what so outraged Amnesty International? But just a Hungarian family support policies and birth of children. This Hungary differs from those European countries that decided to replace its indigenous population with people of different cultures, of migrant. Hungarians democratically decided that they do not fit. They decided to stay Hungarians in the future.

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