The increase in the number of anti-corruption cases: review of the President

the Authorities are doing everything possible to reduce the level of corruption in the country, said Russian leader Vladimir Putin on air of TV channel “Russia 1”. A large number of anti-corruption cases suggests that detection was better.

in addition, the President said in an exclusive interview about his relationship with subordinates: so, he has his own style. Among ordinary people, Vladimir Putin feels comfortable because he grew up in a working family. And even years in management positions didn’t change.

And it is very important to work with each person individually, because then he has a sense of confidence in the state as a whole.

Earlier, the President talked about the fact that the officials indecent bulging flaunting their wealth, when hundreds of thousands of people in the country live very modestly. But asceticism, which paraded, may not be a role model.

Interesting details of the life of the President, his personal revelations and nuances of work – in the film “Russia. The Kremlin. Putin,” which will be shown on the TV channel “Russia 1” 21 June at 22:00.