The Kremlin has responded to critical statements about the amendments from abroad

Moscow is familiar with critical statements of a number of countries regarding the amendments in the Constitution, but does not intend to take them into account. This was stated press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. He stressed that Russia has maintained, maintains and will maintain a “commitment to the basics and norms of international law, the spirit and the letter of international law.”

“At the same time Russia was and will remain primarily committed to its own sovereignty, is in no way contrary to international law”, — said Peskov. He recalled that a similar situation exists in other countries.

Peskov Also said that no further action after the vote will be discussed on Friday during the meeting of President Vladimir Putin with members of the working group. In his words, “there is substantial discussion”. The meeting will be held via videoconference.

the Vote on the amendments was held from 25 June to 1 July. Friday Centrizbirkom approved the results of the vote. For acceptance of amendments have voted 77.92 percentage (almost 58 million Russians), against 21.27 percent (about 16 million), reports RIA Novosti. The final turnout of voters amounted to 67,97 percent.

CEC Head Ella Pamfilova announced that the results of nationwide voting amendments shall be deemed approved. After the signing of the Protocol by all members of the CEC in the hall there was applause, Ella Pamfilova, was handed a bouquet of flowers.