The largest market in the world was opened to Russian beef

the Rosselkhoznadzor received a letter of the main customs administration (GTU) of China, which reported on the approval certificate and the Protocol of inspection, quarantine and veterinary health requirements for beef exported from Russia to China, said the Russian Ministry. The Chinese side certified two Russian companies for the supply of beef – “Zarechnaya” and “Bryansk meat company” (part of “Miratorg”), said “Vedomosti” adviser to the head of service of Julia in a few words. Delivery is possible from 17 January 2020, said the Rosselkhoznadzor. Telephone General customs Directorate (STU), China on Friday night did not answer.

the opening of the Chinese market for Russian beef is an important event because it is a large consumer of meat, and there is a demand for premium beef, says CEO Prime Foods (official distributor of “Zarechny”) Andrei nitsenko. The company will soon begin to look for partners in China to export their products. Russian meat will be in demand because Russian producers have a unique proposition – premium beef, while suppliers from South America and deliver more mass and affordable products. Russian meat may be able to compete in the Chinese market with American and Australian suppliers. The representative of “Miratorg” declined to comment.

China is the world’s largest consumer of meat, but for many years did not allow Russian products to its market. In November 2018, the countries agreed on mutual supplies of poultry meat and pork is still banned.

As Russia for 20 years, itself fed the Russian economy 1999-2019. Special “Vedomosti” and “Expert RA”

Beef Russia to China was never put into difficult negotiations with the Chinese side took about seven years, resembles the head of National meat Association Sergey Yushin. For the Russian manufacturerher is an opportunity to increase exports, to increase the profitability through the sale of individual parts at a more attractive price, he said. China is actively increasing its purchases of beef throughout the world. The culture of consumption of beef, including premium, there is actively growing as the population gets richer. Moreover, now in China due to the death of a large part of the pigs in the outbreak there was a shortage of the most popular meat is pork, and its wholesale price has doubled to $6-8 per kg. So the beef is increasingly becoming an alternative to pork. Beef imports to China in 2019 increased by 60% to 1.7 million tons, the fastest growth in history, says Yushin.

Russian beef production is stagnating – in 2019, it remained almost at the level of 2018 and amounted to about 1.62 million tons in slaughter weight, says Yushin. The import amounted to 370 000 tons and export 9000 tons, the Main buyers of Russian beef – Vietnam, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc., he says. In the Chinese market can be claimed as an inexpensive boneless meat, premium beef, says Yushin. Beef in Russia is relatively inexpensive, and the export supplies to China, Russian producers can make more money, he adds.

the may decree of President Vladimir Putin’s demands to increase the export of agricultural products: it is expected to grow more than twice – to $45 billion in 2024 the Export of meat and dairy products by that time is expected to grow threefold to $2.8 billion compared with the figure 2018, according to the passport of the Federal project “Export agriculture”. The main export commodity will remain grain – it will account for more than a quarter of exports. In 2019, Russia exported agricultural products worth more than $25 billion, said on Friday the Deputy Minister of agriculture Sergey Levin.