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It will have to stay up late or get up very early. 230 million Americans will vote today to renew the Congress, but, for us, the French, the results do not fall from five o’clock in the morning. As the president of the United States think the good news “assoupissent” voters, he has centered his campaign on the themes of stinging, such as immigration. Because his salvation, like that of the democrats, moreover, lies in the divide of the country.

And today, you will know all of Echo, the nymph too talkative, spurned by Narcissus, who never liked anyone other than himself.

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Madeleine Meteyer, a journalist with the Figaro

mid-term, America judge the presidency, Trump

Donald Trump could see his presidency is complicating the outcome of the midterms. NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP

“Stop the caravan, vote Republican”, stated the latest video clip of the campaign “endorsed by Donald Trump”. The caravan in question, it is that of migrants from Honduras and walking towards the United States. Well …

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