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It is well known that, if the defeat is an orphan, victory has many fathers. In America, on Tuesday night, democrats were cheering after winning a majority in the house of representatives (219 seats against 193 of the side of the republicans), while Donald Trump exulted: “A huge success!” The measure is obviously not his strong point, and this is not true, he has lost. But the absence of “blue wave” undermines the defeat and points out an important point: the voters of the president remain loyal to.

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Madeleine Meteyer, a journalist with the Figaro

Trump from a position of strength to 2020

The good resistance of the republicans allows him to hope for a second term. Aaron P. Bernstein/AFP

Trump made unanimously. Not in the country, we mean well, but in his own camp, in the republicans. It is one of the wins parallel offer to him the results of Tuesday. Finished being the odd one out, the ugly duckling who makes too much noise and annoys everyone! Most of the “Never Trumpers” have left the ship and he has simply allowed some of the candidates …

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