All lions fall in love with a founder right away – the other ideas don’t have it so easy in “The Lion’s Den”.

All lions fall in love with a female founder from Thailand at first pitch. A playhouse for children and a squeezable drinking bottle made of titanium also find investors. Relaxed topics such as grilling and CBD creams, on the other hand, are not so well received in the current “Die Höhle der Löwen” episode (Monday, 8:15 p.m., VOX).

The 8th episode begins with a trip to Thailand and great feelings: Thai Pim Ampikitpanich (30) brings the taste of her homeland to Germany with the “Konkrua” cooking box. In addition to recipe cards, this contains all the authentic ingredients that are needed for the dish, with the exception of vegetables and meat. The special feature: the ingredients such as curry paste or fish sauce all come directly from Thailand, packed in bamboo bags that were handmade by older Thai women. After the taste convinced all the lions, it doesn’t look bad for Pims, who asked for 250,000 euros for 20 percent of the company shares.

“I’m totally in love”

The food is convincing, but so is the founder. Your company has been around for four years and your figures are impressive. Carsten Maschmeyer (63) is “completely in love”. Judith Williams (50) and Dagmar Wöhrl (68) also, they demand 30 percent for 250,000 euros. Georg Kofler (65) makes himself available for the same conditions and promises to increase Pim’s business fivefold from the start. She is now spoiled for choice: “A nice situation, but also a nightmare!” Even when Pim announces that she only wants to give up 23 percent, all the lions go along. Williams: “You’re worth it.” In the end, your gut feeling decides in favor of Kofler. At the end there is appreciative applause for the founder of all lions. “You got a pot of gold there,” Wöhrl told Kofler.

Roman Römmich (35) would like to launch “Imagine Playhouse” on the German market. “A child’s best toy is their own imagination,” says the father of two. Imagine Playhouses are interlocking playhouses for children that they can paint or stick on. The stickers are reusable, the house walls are washable. Williams crawls through the houses himself and waves to the others through the window: “Look, look.” “The kids will have a lot of fun in there, that’s clear,” says Nico Rosberg (36), whose children have so far been satisfied with boring cardboard boxes. ” Ralf Dümmel (55) is ready to give the entrepreneur 50,000 euros for 25 percent of the company shares. He doesn’t have to think long: “I would love to work with you.”

“I don’t know if it’s the cannabis that inspires me…”

Next it will be relaxed – or not: Doctors Laura Simonow (37) and Finn Hänsel (40) and Fabian Friede (36) want to bring CBD, an active ingredient from the hemp plant, into the beauty sector with the “This Place” brand . Your four creams with the basic ingredient CBD all have special areas of application, such as against insomnia or menstrual cramps. The founders want 200,000 euros for 10 percent shares. But the company model of the three quickly causes confusion: The founder of “This Place” only holds ten percent of the brand, 80 percent belongs to the men and their company Sanity Group. They also run another company, as it turns out when asked. “It’s getting worse and worse,” said Maschmeyer, shocked, and pulled out. Kofler has similar concerns, but Williams: “Actually, you should say no. I don’t know if it’s cannabis that inspires me now…” and offers the founders 200,000 euros for 30 percent. But they only want to give up 20 percent, Williams demands 25.1 percent. However, they do not want to leave the blocking minority to the lioness and therefore decide: “Unfortunately, we cannot accept the deal.”

The next thing is a world first that needs to be explained. “What’s supposed to be new about that?” Dümmel asks in surprise when he sees the drinking bottles on stage. Lukas Angst (39) and Bernd Deussen (52) have invested four years and 700,000 euros in the development of the “Keego” drinking bottle. The special feature: It is the first and only squeezable titanium bottle. Drinking while exercising should be clean, healthy and sustainable. “We want to become the Teflon for the bottles,” the founders explain and want 380,000 euros for 12 percent. The lions don’t seem to fully understand the benefit to the customer. “A renewable material would be much more sympathetic to me,” explains Williams. Maschmeyer and Kofler are ready to invest together, but want 25.1 percent shares. The founders negotiate, they meet at 20. “It’s cool,” the two finally leave the cave satisfied.

A BBQ delivery service

In the end, it’s all about the German’s favorite topic: grilling. The friends Jonas Bräuer (34), Jonas Möslein (39) and Erik Lachmann (38) like to have a barbecue together in the city park. “It’s actually a very relaxed thing – if it weren’t for all the effort,” they explain to the lions. And present the solution: “Grillaxed” is a delivery service for the barbecue experience. The food, vegetarian or meat, is delivered by cargo bike together with chilled drinks and a charcoal grill including dishes, lighters and charcoal. After the barbecue, everything is picked up again – including the rubbish. In order to expand their business, they need an investment of 75,000 euros and would give up 20 percent of their company shares in return. But the sympathy of the boys is not enough. The sharing system and the bicycles are too expensive. Plus the fact that the business only works seasonally. The barbecue friends get a lot of compliments for their idea, but no investors.