“The Lion’s Den”: Mobile cooking system without electricity: DeWok in a taste test


    Steve Müller is a big fan of Asian cuisine. After he was able to experience the healthy culture of enjoyment up close, he developed a mobile cooking system: DeWok not only works without electricity, but is also intended to enable cooking rich in vitamins and nutrients. We dared to try it on ourselves.

    For several years Steve Müller lived in Asia for professional reasons and there he got to know and love healthy cooking with a wok. The thought matured in him that everyone should be able to enjoy Asian food culture – but there was a catch: “Traditional cooking with a wok is very complex – I wanted to invent something that would make it easier and, moreover, without electricity It works. Everyone can easily prepare healthy and delicious dishes anytime, anywhere, without having to be a wok pro.” Driven by this idea, the 41-year-old engineer developed a mobile cooking system: DeWok.

    DeWok: That’s behind it

    The transportable cooking system is available as a double set for up to four people or as a single set for up to two people. We tested the latter: the scope of delivery included a small wok pan, a cooking stand, a safety burner (including an extinguishing lid), a cooking spoon and the matching fuel gel with bio-ethanol. According to the manufacturer, no electricity is required to set it up, so DeWok can be used anywhere – not just at home, but also in the garden, when camping or on the beach. But what exactly should you cook in it? Steve Müller is convinced that his invention can be used for cooking and steaming, frying and “wokking”. It doesn’t matter whether you want to prepare Asian vegetables or meat, raclette or scrambled eggs. But what exactly is special about it? “The structure and the choice of materials are specially coordinated and the perfect temperature distribution in the pan should allow you to cook rich in vitamins and nutrients,” is the official explanation.

    Practical test: How DeWok works

    Before DeWok could be put into operation, the burner had to be half filled with fuel gel – after all, the system does not need a power connection. It was then placed in the middle under the cooking rack and the burning gel it contained was ignited with a match. Only then could the pan be placed in the recess of the natural stone slab and heated. For frying fresh ingredients, the instructions recommended using a sunflower, peanut or canola oil. We stuck to that. For the practical test, we briefly fried various wok vegetables with rice in a pan and seasoned them with a teriyaki sauce (which we prepared separately). And this is what the result looked like:

    Conclusion: Was DeWok convincing?

    Basically, DeWok works like any other pan. However, it took much longer for the heat to spread evenly in the wok – which is not surprising given the small flame under the pan. However, the short cooking times promised by the manufacturer could not be kept. Which in itself wouldn’t be tragic if you’re not very hungry. However, if it has to be done quickly, cooking with DeWok becomes a real test of patience. In addition, the pan should be enough for two hungry mouths. However, our test showed that the content could only just feed one person. Here, too, you have to plan more time or prepare your food in several portions in a row, similar to raclette.

    And what is our conclusion? All in all, the invention isn’t particularly innovative, but it’s not bad either. The materials and the design make a very high-quality impression, which certainly also explains the not very cheap price. The question is whether you really need DeWok for on the go. We would probably continue to rely on a gas cooker that also works without electricity and can be used outdoors.

    DeWok got prominent support

    Steve Müller was not only looking for an investor, but also for a strategic partner: “Even if I work all day long, I’m just reaching my limits. I’m not the kind of person who then pulls the handbrake, I want to continue go ahead. To do that I need a partner who supports me with his team.” He received prominent support for his pitch from TV star chef Christian Lohse, who is already a self-confessed fan of DeWok.

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