A smoker box that repels wasps. A skin cream that protects against cell phone light. And shoes with nails that take care of the lawn: The startup ideas in the seventh episode of DHDL oscillated between useful and nonsense. The best thing was a sweet that was supposed to be healthy.

If there’s something to bite in the “Lion’s Den”, it’s usually munched on in harmony. Emotional spikes are rare. Not so with the Nice Tarts. “The things are fantastic”, Carsten Maschmeyer cheered the sweet superfood snacks. He of all people, the pickiest of the lions, who can chew on food with icy contempt like no one else. “We won’t let you out without a deal,” assured “Naschmeyer” to the founders. His colleague Ralf Dümmel was already further along – that is: by the third cupcake.

The presented products

Healthy and not round

Enjoy without a bad conscience. That is the Nice Tarts consumer promise. The enchanting founding couple, who apparently have a kind of dream relationship, claimed that the sugar-free chocolates are healthier than an apple. Everyone fell in love. Ralf Dümmel even “flashed”. For him, who “loves everything you shouldn’t eat”, the product is “a real alternative”. He spoke and celebrated a premiere for the deal: the multi-investor had never invested in frozen goods in the “Lion’s Den”.

Digital deals of the week

“I think gamification with knowledge tools is great”: It was clear that Carsten Maschmeyer jumped at the tech startup Aivy. The men’s quartet of computer scientists and psychologists want to make the application process more scientific with their app. Job references that are too positive should no longer be the deciding factor, but rather a positivistic strength profile, so to speak. Nils Glagau was skeptical (“I don’t know how durable the whole thing is”), Maschmeyer was convinced (“You’re a nice boy band”). Together with Dagmar Wöhrl he stole the business.

The cosmetics series Mijasi Beautyflash deals with the downsides of digitization. To be more precise: with their light sides. “The intense bluish glow from screens weakens the skin and can lead to premature aging,” said the inventor, a former commissioner, citing a not-so-dewy 2017 study. “The product doesn’t blow my mind,” said Nils Glagau at first – but then changed his mind: “We will build a nice protection.”

The most impressive exit

It’s wasp time again soon. groan It is a well-known wisdom that hyper-nervous pests panic when they see smoldering coffee grounds. The founders of VapoWesp (the star tested the product) don’t do anything else either: They torch coffee and add a bit of scented powder to it so that it doesn’t smell so bad. Nevertheless, the lions flew to the two Swabians – mother and daughter – and their incense set. First and foremost Georg Kofler, who in his clumsy way was the first to submit an offer. When it became clear that he was not the desired investor, his mood darkened. And when Nico Rosberg offered the women in the tunnel a “counseling session”, Kofler’s collar burst. “You can all slide down my hump first,” he scolded and left the studio. The deal went to the duo Williams and Dümmel.

applause and out

nailed shoes? Sounds like BDSM. For tilers, the spiky clogs are standard. And for the lions? A thing with zero sexiness factor. The committed appearance of Willi, founder of Nivilli, didn’t help either. The 39-year-old poured leveling compound over the studio floor so investors could do the acid test. And sold his fakir fins as garden steps, which can also be used to aerate the lawn. Then large landowner Carsten Maschmeyer woke up briefly from his minute sleep. “If someone walks across an 800-square-meter plot of land,” he objected, “they’re out for a while.” The old DHDL credo was back: Always think big.

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