Georg Kofler feels betrayed by Nico Rosberg. “I’m not doing anything here anymore,” says Kofler – and leaves the show.

In the new episode of “Die Höhle der Löwen” (Monday, 8:15 p.m., Vox) there is a momentous misunderstanding. Finally, a lion leaves the cave in a rage.

Athletes Markus Smarzoch (30) and sweet tooth Andrea Schlumpp (30) invented a candy – also to save their relationship. Your company NaschNatur promises “healthy snacking” with the “NiceTarts” ice cream pralines. These consist of an almond and date base with a cream filling made from natural ingredients such as fruit, nuts and superfoods and are completely sugar-free. During the tasting, the lions can’t stop swarming. Carsten Maschmeyer (63) and Georg Kofler (65) let the others go first, but also make it clear that they “don’t let the founders go out here without a deal”.

Ralf Dümmel (55) is also convinced for personal reasons and is ready to invest in a frozen product for the first time: “Because the product is supposed to change my figure and because you totally flash me, I definitely want to do it.” Although Nils Glagau (46) makes the same offer – 150,000 euros for 30 percent – the couple decides for Dümmel. When the two are long gone, the lions in the studio continue to swarm: “It’s a great couple!” Says Judith Williams (50). “Is that a sweet number!” Maschmeyer agrees.

Blue light filter from the ex-cop

Isabel Bäring (44) was a police officer, but now works in the beauty segment. After an accident at work, she started again in her early 30s and started a career as a dermatologist. “Who would have thought that blue light would play a major role again in my second career. This time not the siren, but the blue light of digital screens.”

This causes premature skin aging, which is why Bäring invented a beauty product with a Swiss manufacturer that filters blue light like a UV filter: “Mijasi Beautyflash”. Glagau is certain: “The topic is hot”, but wants 30 percent shares instead of the 20 offered for 50,000 euros. The founder responds to the offer: “I have a deal, I still can’t believe it.”

A dear Willi

The trained tiler Wilhelm “Willi” Frank (40) has his own workshop and knows his way around the construction site. So he invented a leveling shoe, a clog with spikes on the sole that can be swapped out as needed. The “Nivilli” prevents the craftsman from touching the ground while working and provides better grip than previous leveling soles, and it is also intended to help “aerate” the lawn.

Willi himself is very convinced of his product: he wants 300,000 euros for 15 percent of the company shares. When asked about his high rating, he confidently declares, “You’ll get me! That’s the point!” Williams laughs: “A real Willi!” But Maschmeyer thinks: “An expensive Willi…” The other lions see it that way too and are all out. “But not bad, the journey goes on,” the dear Willi remains combative.

How easy is it to get your dream job?

Aivy, a game-based career app by Florian Dyballa (31, business psychologist), Boas Bamberger (30, psychologist), David Biller (34, media computer scientist) and Arbnor Raci (29, computer scientist), is designed to make it easy to identify talent. In areas such as interests, personality and skills, users can test their talents in mini-games of up to three minutes. The evaluation is then available as a scientific document that can be attached to the application documents.

Ralf Dümmel is allowed to carry out a mini test game, but cannot solve it in the allotted time, even with Williams’ help. The founders want 450,000 euros for 10 percent of the company shares. Dagmar Wöhrl (68) and Maschmeyer are both interested in 20 percent. Too much for the founders, who still only want to give 10 percent, but offer another 5 percent if a milestone has been reached together. Maschmeyer and Wöhrl increase the milestone bonus to 10 percent – and have a deal.

scandal in the cave

Claudia (49) and Leslie (17) Eckert have professionalized an old household remedy to drive away wasps. This is a smoker box made of bamboo, with coffee powder smoldering in the stainless steel bowl. The smoke that is produced drives away wasps reliably and can be regulated with a rotary valve. The smell of the burnt coffee can also be regulated, with a powder in three different types of smell. Claudia and Leslie are still at the very beginning with their company VapoWesp and offer the lions 35 percent of their newly founded GmbH for 75,000 euros. Kofler is so enthusiastic that he goes straight into the deal without wanting to hear any further details – the fastest offer in the history of “The Lion’s Den”. But Dümmel and Williams also want to do business with the mother-daughter team.

However, that has problems deciding – which is why Nico Rosberg (36) offers his help. He follows the two founders through the entrance cage and offers his advice. However, the other lions fear that Rosberg is negotiating behind the scenes. Dümmel: “Nico, you’re not making a deal, are you?” Williams and Dümmel follow, the women explain that they would like “someone to team up”.

Back in their seats, Kofler seethes: “Did you want to make a deal outside of the show? Then I’m really angry now!” He snaps at Rosberg. Dümmel and Williams then also dust off the deal, which makes everyone happy – except for Kofler. He still sees himself betrayed by Rosberg. He explains that he hasn’t made any offer at all. Kofler doesn’t care either: “I don’t do anything here anymore” and “You can all slide down my back,” he grumbles, rips the microphone off his body and leaves the studio. Williams sums it up: “Hm, I guess that didn’t go over too well…”