Schliersee – dark, 5 o’clock in the Morning, when Resi Hirtreiter, 55, the wooden staircase rises down. The door of the old farmhouse creaks when you press the iron handle down. She barely slept, was much to prepare. It’s always like that to Leonhardi. Then the exception is situation on the farm of shepherd, horseman, the most exceptional situation of the year.

your sister Uschi comes to dressing and Styling. Like every year, they help each other in the Schalk. Part by part, layer by layer. So they also make it this Sunday, before you go to the Leonhardi-parade after fish dwell in the circle of Miesbach.

Everything is recorded: Resi shepherd rider Schalk, the bodice of her daughter Mary, the trachteng wall of her husband and her son Martin hanging on the old wooden door. Neatly on hangers. Up and brushed, she is Ironing, the farmer on the day before. The traditional hats are on the table. The bodice jewelry, the goiter chain and hair in addition needles in a large jewelry box. The boots of the men are cleaning and polishing. Everything has to be perfect.

+ the horse: As a young girl, Resi was a shepherd in the process tab, often with your parents in leonhardi rides.© Private

For more than 20 years, the family moves to Leonhardi with your old green chest carriage and four horses. Always in Fischhausen, and in Kreuth am Tegernsee. “Leachats”removals as it is in Bavaria, in some places is called, have a long Tradition. Centuries ago, the peasants wandered around with your Team, to ask the Saint Leonhard, the patron Saint of animals, to his assistance.

Resi Hirtreiter and her husband grew up with the old custom. With eight years was a Resi rider shepherd as a little girl for the first Time in Kreuth, with her father, Hartl, at the time, Schliersee seek Board of Directors, and her mother, Lisl. To celebrate because of Tradition, but also the name-day of the father. “Because all of the Hartl came zam,” she recalls with a smile. 14 they went with for the first time as a bodice dirndl. In the car, they moved but only after she married her Kaspar.

The chest cart is 1863

in 1985, it was, Kaspar shepherd pus, 63, knows it even as it is today, than the Roth Quirin, a good buddy to give him a tip. “Look at the Simmerl.” There is an original Tölzer chest stand cart, anno 1863. Excavated from the floor of an old farm somewhere in Bad Tölz. Green, with age Lüftlmalerei. The front of the mother of God, in the back of the Holy Leonhard.

Into the Foyer of a hotel in Cologne, the car should have come. As An Exhibition Piece. “The derf ned to be a rarity”, said the Roth Quirin at that time. Also, his friend Kaspar looked so. Long he searched the car a Leonhardi. Nowhere he has found a suitable. As he stood in front of him, he knew: “it is.”

+ Everything must Shine: Three days before the move, Kaspar shepherd tab brings the dishes from his workshop.© Andreas leather

your entire Savings cost the young couple in the car. Have told you to anyone of your purchase. The car you were friends. To told the parents that he had borrowed. “The would have kept us in for mo’snaps.”

Kaspar Hirtreiter is Ross narrisch

Sometimes, Kaspar describes himself Hirtreiter itself as a “g’spinnert”. Ross Aryan he is, since he can remember. Even as a three year old, he dropped everything when a horse walked past the house of his parents in Schliersee. At the folk festival, he wanted to ride a Pony. “Merry-go-round was not interested in me.” With the end of the 20 he bought Lady, his first horse. With time, more came. Not too long ago, the farmer had four mares in the stable. In the four-horse chariot, he advanced from year to year with them to Leonhardi. With the old chest in the car. And a very special horse harness.

A so-called roof dishes or Tyrolean dishes. Earlier it was widespread in the entire region of southern Germany. Today, it is not produced any more practical. Then, too, when Kaspar shepherd tab on the search made. “Yes, snow” said the saddler, in the Oberland. “The man has today zutag but never.”

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In Klausen in South Tyrol, he finally found someone that the leather is recycled. The fittings, decorations and initials cut Kaspar from hirtreiter. According to the stencils, the Roth Quririn, a sculptor and artist, drawn, and modeled. Hours and days he sat at his vise and sawed and sawed. Two years it took for the dishes was done. More than once, the shepherd had to tab across the border to smuggle, in order to save customs. Sometimes it was musical instruments.

belongs To the roof harness is also a specially-woven, red cloth, wearing the steeds to the right in the Team. It is draped over a roof coat. What is it good for, is not quite clear. Some say that the roof protects from evil spirits. Kaspar Hirtreiter had to look a long way before him, a hunter brought two usable skins. A weaver wove him the cloth.

Since then it has been every year its great appearance. Three days before the move, Kaspar brings tab shepherd of the dishes from the workshop. The ornaments made of brass he polished for hours with steel wool. Son of Martin and some buddy to help him, well one day you are busy. A further day in order to wash the horses.

Not only is the chest the car and the dishes, the shepherd tab. Also, the mischievous women and bodice dirndl, the disengagement with them to Leonhardi. Ten women have in the car space. In comparison to many Clubs, with much more mischief women on the go, this might appear to be insignificant. But it is not.

In the car, the shepherd rider no club seats members, but family and Friends. The two Töchter Marlene and Maria, the daughter-in-law, sister, nieces, and grandchildren. “This is the conservation of what is quite a Fiddle,” says Resi Hirtreiter. In this year, they have a bodice has to hang it to your room. The daughter of Schliersee friends, who emigrated to Chile, is visiting. Also you like to Ride this Sunday in fischhausen “Leachats” -. Of course you want to.