The meeting of Putin and Lukashenko Rzhev: exclusive details

on Tuesday, June 30, Vladimir Putin held talks with Alyaksandr Lukashenka. The President of Belarus arrived in Russia for the third time this year. The topic of discussion became not only a common past of the two countries, but also the future. No official statements following the meeting was not followed, but has exclusive details.

the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on 30 June arrived in Rzhev. Many Belarusians perished here during the great Patriotic war. And, of course, the opening of the memorial — the most important event for the peoples of both countries.

Putin invited Lukashenko beneath Rzhev during the Parade on June 24. Belarusian TV channels later reported that, say, the schedule of the President tense and clarity about whether the visit, no. Still, a week later, the Belarusian leader once again came to Russia, and this at a time when the international meeting in the world is reduced to a minimum.

the car of the President of Belarus was standing right in front of the presidential Aurus. This is the second face-to-face meeting of Putin and Lukashenka in just a week. Previously, it was common enough situation, and now a rarity.

there is No safe distance between Putin and Lukashenko were not. They talked close to each other. But what about political space? Arguments about this in recent weeks has begun with new force. Lukashenko once again did a lot of harsh statements. However, today all the problems, apparently, left side.

Putin and Lukashenko planted a fir — thus, the heads of state joined the nationwide — across the country in memory of those killed in the war were planted 27 million trees. Now this event will be shared between Russia and Belarus.

For Lukashenka is all that is called your. Vladimir Medinsky he spoke on “you”. The Belarusian leader explained the details of the Rzhev battle, and with Putin listened attentively to the stories of those who provided the fascist rear.

Next to the Museum waiting for the return of his father Kolya Lukashenka. Meeting of the presidents of Russia and Belarus ended pretty quickly and only the crew of TV channel “Russia 1” has witnessed exactly how it ended — with a big hug. However, this is not finished — continued communication even for a minute. And then there was another handshake.

Belarusian President publicly reluctant to acknowledge problems in the early stages, but the security measures introduced and he — we discussed what a personal driver Lukashenko is working in the mask.

To the Russian President immediately hurried with their Affairs of the Tver Governor Igor Rudenya, handed him some papers. Before you get into the car, Putin dropped the jacket. The assistant was ready to take it, but not required. By helicopter, the President went to Novo-Ogarevo to hold a new remote meeting.