The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation: gap US with who as a blow to cooperation in the field of health

the United States severed all relations with the world health organization. The Russian foreign Ministry the decision of Donald trump called a blow to the foundations of international cooperation in medicine.

“At a time when the world needs the consolidation of efforts in the fight against the pandemic, Washington undermines international legal framework for cooperation in the field of health”, — told reporters the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

She added that the sad scene in the American health care system during a pandemic, do not leave a chance for Washington to talk about leadership in this field.

According to the head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev, like the US move is not an expression of leadership.

“If global leadership is the destruction of some of the global institutions and try to forcefully seize the remaining… it’s not global leadership. It’s a seizure. It’s a grimace. And this threat”, — the politician wrote in Facebook.

on Friday, the US President announced the severance of all relations with the who. According to the American leader, the decision was made due to the failure of the organization to carry out the required reforms. Guilty China: Beijing allegedly concealed information about “Wuhan” infection, which allowed her to spread around the world.

the President noted that the illegal actions of the Chinese government led to a global pandemic and killed hundreds of thousands of American lives and over a million people around the world.

trump believes that China is fully in control of who, despite the fact that Beijing pays only $ 40 million per year, and approximately US $ 450 million.