The Ministry proposes to lower the benchmark share of domestic drugs consumption

In 2020, the share of domestic drugs on the Russian market was assumed to be 50% – this figure was recorded in the government programme 2014 under the title “Development of medical and pharmaceutical industry”, prepared by the Ministry of industry and trade. The execution of this plan would, almost with absolute certainty say that the Russian pharmaceutical market generated slightly dependent on imports and domestic products, with which it is treated on par with imports on the profile of safety and efficacy, explained in 2014, the representative of the company Biocad.

But now the Ministry would like to reduce the target from 50 to 32.9% in monetary terms. Proposed by the Ministry to reduce and plan for 2024 – from 53 to 36.4%, and plans relating to the share of domestic medical products in the market: in 2020 from 40 to 25% in 2024 from 45 to 30%. The offers published on the portal

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