The money spent, missed the deadline: why Ukraine is still building a

Ukraine until 2025 extended the construction of fortifications on the border with Russia, nicknamed “the wall, Yatseniuk”. Build capacity with a length of 2 thousand kilometers began five years ago. The work, which was accompanied by massive corruption, is still far from complete. Why is the project still have not given up?

the Money spent, missed the deadline, and the defense remained without cover. The Ukrainian project for the protection of the border from the neighbor’s high fence was postponed for another few years. It is through local TV channels officials annually to report about the successful construction of the “Wall”, in fact, as of mid-2019 work was completed by only 30 percent.

the entire interview officials of various stripes gave a demonstration plot. The guards even suggested that half of all the allocated money invested here. Here, a high fence, stretching into the horizon, and anti-tank ditches, and even digital technology to monitor the border. Officers on the perimeter to move around on Quad bikes. But in fact this situation — only in Kharkiv region and not everywhere. Therefore, PR-the site is located here.

the Author of this symbol of state or, as it is called, European security, Arseniy Yatsenyuk has begun implementing his ideas in 2015. As the then Prime Minister of Ukraine. To protect the Square from Russia are expected to powerful fortifications all along the border — about 2 thousand kilometers. Cost the budget was 4 billion hryvnia. But these monumental structures is hardly. However, even in 2017, local media reported that wild boars could make a hole in the fence.

the postponements today, the Ukrainian customs officers refer to the funding shortages. And in 2015 and 2016 and it is cut in half. Planned for the construction of the money allocated is less than half. The budget for the “Golden fence” spend reluctantly. Initially it was assumed the financing of the project European countries — this is supposedly their trying to protect Ukraine from Russia. But seeing that the money is going, investors to invest declined. Besides, the money is dispersed and pockets. About half a million dollars, according to the investigators, assumed the high-ranking officers of the border service and heads of firms-contractors.

Shift the timing suggests that the financing of the project still continues. But the previously planned $ 4 billion hryvnia is definitely not enough. Changes over time and the meaning of this milestone. The fence is not the way to protect against aggression, as mentioned earlier, as a means of combating smugglers and illegal migrants. Maybe in a few years it will be just architectural. A symbol that common sense is much stronger green fences.