The new Addams Family series Wednesday and the upcoming The Munsters movie will both stream on Netflix this fall.

The new projects by Tim Burton (63) and Rob Zombie (57) will be shown simultaneously on Netflix from autumn. Zombie announced this on Instagram. His film “The Munsters”, a reboot of the 1960s sitcom of the same name, is to start on the streaming service together with Burton’s series “Wednesday”. “Wednesday” also puts a new twist on well-known material and is a spin-off of the equally cult “The Addams Family”.

A new “Clash of the Titans”

The Addams family and the Munsters ran simultaneously on US screens 58 years ago, writes Zombie and describes the whole thing as a “clash of the titans”. The two new productions are the “perfect entertainment for your pumpkin carving party”. The director makes it clear that it should be before Halloween. An exact release date is currently not known, but the period that was recently announced in the trailer for “The Munsters” means that film and series fans can look forward to the release of the comedic horror in September 2022.

Jeff Daniel Phillips (54) and Zombie’s wife Sheri Moon Zombie (51), who makes it from Transylvania to the USA, will be seen in the “The Munsters” leading roles as Herman and Lily. The focus of “Wednesday” is meanwhile Wednesday, the daughter of the “Addams Family”, played by Jenna Ortega (19). According to Netflix, the eight-part series is “supernaturally influenced detective fun” in which Wednesday, as a student at Nevermore Academy, tries to foil a series of murders.