The office of the Johnson commented on the act Cummings

Official representative of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has publicly backed his chief adviser, seriously violated the regime of self-isolation. Dominic Cummings, participated in the drafting of the rules of quarantine, in March, left his home in London and went for 400 miles to Durham, where his parents live. Complaint of a possible violation of isolation entered into the local police station on March 31.

According to the official representative of the office of the British Prime Minister, the wife of EA was allegedly infected by a coronavirus, was also a high probability of getting it myself, so Cummings was necessary to provide adequate care for their little baby. To help couple in this invited his sister and niece, so he came to Durham in the house next to the house of his relatives. Stated that sister Cummings was shopping for the family and left everything behind the door.

According to the representative of the Prime Minister, the actions of the Cummings comply with the rules imposed in connection with the coronavirus COVID-19, and the adviser believes that it acted reasonably and legally. According to a statement from Downing street, the police never talked on this issue with the Cummings or his family. At the same time the police of Durham, its employees just the same, “explained the family rules of isolation”.

representatives of the opposition parties urging Johnson to fire his adviser. Information on violation of the regime of self-isolation became public knowledge after an investigation conducted by Newspapers the Guardian and the Mirror.

Cummings is one of the most demoniziruet figures in British politics, reminds TASS. It is called the grey Eminence in the government of Johnson and architect of the successful campaign for the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union. He is credited with radical political views, a very strong influence on the Prime Minister and even suspected links to Russia, where Cummings worked for several years.

About the history of the successful campaign in favor of Brexit tells released in January 2019 year old TV movie “Breksi” (Brexit: The Uncivil War), in which Cummings played by British actor Benedict Cumberbatch. According to a close friend, political consultant, quoted by The Financial Times, to leave the position of Councilor Johnson that is not going to.