The oval office was

As the epidemic exposes America?

the Cosmic forces of the United States is the youngest corps in the U.S. army. The decree about the creation of Donald trump signed in December. Half a year the command has taken to come up with new troops flag. Now it was brought to the White house.

General J. Raymond was treated seems to Trump, but in fact rather to the Internet on. They have long been laughing at the fact that the emblem of the us Space forces are too similar to the one that was in Starfleet, United Federation of planets in Star Trek is from the 60’s.

With minorityi this would end, but there it was. Trump still signed autographs its guests. But the Protocol is not limited. The audience soon learned that “the fiction Department” in the White house is on the first floor, in the oval office.

However, in the Pentagon, where the press immediately asked for clarification, nothing about the superweapon, whose performance characteristics in flagrant contradiction with the laws of physics, not heard. It is possible that “super-duper rocket” is something from the future. Well, as a vaccine against coronavirus, which should appear in the result of the operation in tune with “Supersonic speed”. Work on a vaccine, which America is going to provide almost half of the world, USA, according to trump, began even before it became clear what they all do.

“Then people did not know what was going on around, and we have already begun to develop a vaccine, not even knowing what we’re up against,” said trump.

Secret military virologists who pored over microscopes America, all the past months, though not shown. But all saw in the midst of the epidemic COVID-19 nurse posing in garbage bags and rip the voices at rallies, demanding to give them masks and shields.

the death toll from COVID-19 in the United States has 90 thousand. The number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus came close to a half million. The worst case in densely populated States and major cities such as new York or Chicago, where the epidemic affects the most poor and vulnerable. For example, for blacks, among the cases reaches 60%, despite the fact that they are in the racial minority.

“We are seeing unequal access to health financing for decades in Chicago. While billions of dollars float away in a huge Corporation, a hospital receives almost nothing. We have no resources we have no money to purchase the necessary equipment and hiring more doctors,” complained one of the doctors.

Other hot spots on the map coronavirus USA — nursing home. From Kirkland, Washington, on the West coast, where in America and formed the first epidemic outbreak, to Connecticut on the East coast.

Almost one-third of those who became in America a victim of coronavirus or a patient or employee of a nursing home.

“It’s really like a death trap. In any place where people live so close to each other, there will be problems with infection control,” said Daen of Mania, a worker center fighting for the rights of the elderly.

the situation has Worsened with the control that each state acted without any coordination. Were fighting among themselves for party masks and gloves. Fought for the ventilator. But to blame Washington have been appointed — China.

the Information war unleashed around Russia. Only after our foreign Ministry drew attention to the cynical and insulting headline, Bloomberg changed the name of the article about the deaths from the coronavirus in the country. First paper was entitled “Experts want to know why the coronavirus killed more Russians.” Now the title sounds more neutral. “Experts wonder about the Russian data on mortality from COVID-19”. As for Beijing, it’s Donald trump in an emphasis does not notice that it is not in China, and the U.S. record in every third case coronairusa in the world.

“People die all over the world. And maybe you should ask about this China? Don’t ask me! Ask China, and when you ask them, you can get a very unusual response,” said trump.

the correspondent for the CBS ethnic Chinese Wagyu Jang this response insulted.

– Sir, why are you telling me that I should ask of China?

– I’m not saying this specifically to someone. I say to the one who asks me this nasty question. Please following, — said trump.

Next was the CNN journalist that I wanted to speak to a colleague. In the end, the angry trump demonstratively left the lawn. But to turn your back on the problems that caused all of this perfect storm, not so easy. Unemployed in the USA is 36 million. Close to the Great depression. And this, of course, use Tarnowskie opponents. However, not always for the benefit of themselves, like Joe Biden, who has again lost two digits. It would be better not to stutter.

But doubts about the adequacy Biden is half the battle. Former Vice-President of the United States became involved in a much more dismal history. Biden, along with former head of the CIA Brennan and FBI Komi Republic is mentioned in a letter to the current acting Director of National intelligence Richard Grennel. Grendel declassified information about those who have requested information about the secret surveillance of Michael Flynn, who was accused of secret ties with Russia and that now closed the criminal case. Trump appropriated occurring scathing called Obamagate. He demands retribution for the political crime of the Democrats, and appealed to the Republican leader in the Senate Mitch Macconnel.

“Mitch, I love you, but this is 100% true. Time is running out. Be persistent and move fast, otherwise it will be too late. They have to pay a heavy price for what he did to our country,” said trump.

the Fact Flynn was one of the props, relied on the so-called Russiagate. And nachalosü all reports that the servers of the Democratic party allegedly hacked by Russian hackers. By a strange coincidence, the investigation of the hacking started then, not the FBI, Crowdstrike, a private firm in the field of cybersecurity. Its head Sean Henry in the midst of a scandal “not peeled” from the screens.

“We tracked two Russian intelligence Agency FSB, the former KGB and the GRU. Tracked for many years in connection with hundreds of different cyber attacks. Before going to the NSA we already had on hand are clear signs of the work of these two organizations. Their tactics, viral computer program and the selected targets give us high probability to assert that espionage was organized by the Russian government,” said Henry.

But one thing — to lie on television and quite another — under oath. From recently declassified documents of the intelligence Committee, where Henry went to testify that he was not even sure that the data from the servers of the democratic party and anyone to be kidnapped. Here’s just one fragment.

And after all the data was based Crowdstrike in its botched investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller. Pulled of Shawn Henry to the disinformation campaigns of Democrats Michael Sussman of close to of the democratic party of the law firm Perkins Coie. That is, the same Perkins Coie, which the other hand hired a company, Fusion GPS, entrusting a former British spy from MI-6 to build a false record of Donald trump. Without it, as without fictional hacker attacks or business Michael Flynn, the story about the Russian intervention in the American elections did not last one day.

Text: “News of the week”