The Pentagon: we have no evidence of collusion with Taliban

of Russia’s Collusion with the Taliban was not. This statement was made in Washington, reports “Russia 24”.

Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman reported that DoD lacks data that would confirm the reports about the attempts of the Russian special services to pay Afghan insurgents for killing American soldiers. He also noted that the Pentagon “continues to assess the intelligence information that Russian GRU officers were involved in malicious activity against U.S. forces and the coalition in Afghanistan.”

meanwhile, the Senator-the Republican from the state of Alaska Lisa Murkowski said that us senators have access to classified intelligence documents. As RIA Novosti reported, she “hoped” that the senators will hold a briefing on the documents associated with the topic. “I think it is important to understand the facts that are behind this,” said Murkowski.

Previously, the New York Times published an article which asserted that the military intelligence of the Russian Federation has offered a reward associated with the Taliban militants for attacks on American soldiers in Afghanistan. The publication cited anonymous us intelligence officials, this evidence was not provided.

trump in his “tweet” called the newspaper a fake. In Moscow, in turn, questioned the intellectual abilities of the American propagandists who had to come up with “such nonsense”. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov on a question about how did Donald trump somehow this theme with Vladimir Putin in the course of this year, Peskov replied in the negative.