The President of the United States to use martial law

in order to urgently implement a program to create hypersonic weapons and space technology, Donald trump has used martial law on the defense industry.

the law was adopted after the beginning of the Korean conflict in 1950, reminds RIA Novosti. It is used in case of emergency or war. Trump called the law the most cost-effective and feasible alternative method of execution of tasks in the development of hypersonic weapons and technology that will be used in the Space forces.

Earlier it was reported that Deputy Secretary of defense Michael Griffin, who oversaw the development of a hypersonic, space and missile technologies, is leaving her post. To resign and his Deputy Lisa porter.

In an interview with Andrew Kondrashova in the program “Vesti Nedeli” on TV channel “Russia-1” Vladimir Putin noted that the other world powers will sooner or later acquire a hypersonic weapon, which is still only in the Russian Federation. He said that by that time Russia will have “a means of struggle against hypersonic weapons.”