The harsh penalties required against the pro-independence catalans will she take the fragile socialist government of Pedro Sánchez? Friday, the public prosecutor and the lawyer of the State – an institution that represents the interests of the Spanish administration, and which is hierarchically submitted to the government – have demanded sentences ranging up to 25 years in prison for the first, and up to 12 years for the second. These preliminary findings, published several weeks before the opening of the trial, have been interpreted by the regional president of Catalonia, pro-independence Quim Torra, as the proof that Sanchez is “complicit in the repression”. Torra, aware of the weakness of parliamentary socialists, which only account for
84 seats out of 350, has warned:”President Sánchez, the people of Catalonia you withdraws its support and we will vote not your budget.”

Acts of violence

While the prosecution accuses the main responsible for the secessionist …

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