The proposal of the head of the electoral Commission the journalist called a joke

the Chairman of the precinct electoral Commission in Saint-Petersburg will check on the service line after it made the local reporter offers to vote on the amendments to the Constitution, not only for themselves but also for their parents. According to media reports, the proposal received from the head of the PEC is the chief editor of “New prospect” Anna Nevskaya.

the Situation carefully checked, said Deputy head of the press service of the St. Petersburg election Commission Gregory Margolin-Kagan. According to the head of the precinct election Commission, “with her it was a bad joke.” To put the question of professional competence of the head of the PEC is instructed by a higher territorial election Commission No. 22, reports “Interfax”.

According to Margolin-Kagan, the Saint-Petersburg electoral Commission considers absolutely unacceptable any attempts to even jokingly offer the person to break the law or to pretend that they are going to break the law. “—said the representative of municipal electoral Committee.

Early and electronic voting to change the text of the Russian Constitution was launched on 25 June. The main voting day is July 1, 2020.