Psychologist and psychotherapist recognised, Jeanne Siaud-Facchin practice and teaches mindfulness meditation. In his new book, please, help me to live (Odile Jacob), it proposes a psychology radically new, bold, and postage. Explanations.

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The Point : You criticize the psychology, invented the following two centuries, to which you object to lock us into our past. But we are built through this past…

Jeanne Siaud-Facchin : The past we built in effect, it defines who we are not. We have all lived through difficulties, through trials. However, therapies that focus on the past, we imprison them. We spend our time telling us about ourselves, our past, that we ressassons, recomposons, and in which, we been locked, prisoners of our history and its wounds. It installs in the complaint, in the dependence. In the past, of course, there were events painful, hurtful, but there is not that much. We have also lived through happy times, developed a range of resources, discovered the talents, skills. I propose a therapeutic approach that let him hear the suffering, but invites us to heal, to fly and to live the present life.

You expose in your book, this psychology-new, that you name the psychology of resources. Could you define it ?

This psychology focuses attention, all his attention on what the patient is doing well, and do him good. She learns to identify the strengths, qualities, glories, to enter and to grow. This is where we need to draw to live the present and face the difficulties. This psychology resources, let me make it clear, is based on positive psychology and includes, but is not limited to this proposal. The risk of positive psychology that may in effect become programs that bury themselves in the obligation of happiness. What I ask is to accompany the one who comes to consult us so that he discovers how to live his life, his life for the better.

You claim of the gestures and attitudes, prohibited in the psychoanalysts. You say to touch your patients…

We must not, we cannot consider a person in a part of it. I try to accommodate the patient in his totality, in all of the steps that have led him to seek help in my office. I claim a broad vision of the person, in order not to lose the perspective. When I listen, when I hear it, I have to wonder what he need at this moment in time. It can be a hug from a friendly gesture on his hand. Why not, if it’s any comfort, that’s a good thing ? The psychology must use a palette of possibilities to adjust to the more nearly the patient’s request. Our psychotherapy is based on the science, on the most recent research, she is studying the emotional dynamics, cognitive skills, qualities, victories and defeats. I no longer believe in the psychology of one-way. A single tool, it is outdated.

You are taking a chance by daring to write that the psychiatrist must undertake to be effective !

Yes, I will take the risk to say that the psychology of the resources for the culture of the result. The person who comes to us is committed emotionally, it carries out a process of immense. How to avoid this investment ? The psych must focus on relentlessly improving the condition of his patient, the reduction of its symptoms and its best to be sustainable. What we implement should work. The time of life, it is now.

And you say to love your patients, taboo absolute !

The love that I have for their door – I’m not afraid to use this word – is not the love that I bear to my children, to my husband, to my friends, but yes I love them, everyone. My affection is sincere, authentic. I take my patient in my arms to make them feel more safe. If I don’t like it, how can he love himself ? The link heals. All meta-analyses to prove it. The new psychology, it is love that heals all.