The radars didn't notice the missile or aircraft in the area of the crash of flight MH17

Analysis of primary radar data revealed in the area of the crash Malaysian airliner anti-aircraft missiles or fighter jets. However, this does not mean that there was not, said the Dutch Prosecutor Thijs Berger. The Russian military and experts of the concern PVO “Almaz-Antey” consider: radar didn’t see the rocket because it was launched not from the village of Snow, said the representative of the prosecution.

All the experts agree that the radar to detect a military plane is much more difficult than missile, said Berger.

in Addition, the Prosecutor said that the investigation team has bought satellite imagery from private companies, writes TASS. They allegedly captured anti-aircraft missile complex “Buk”, which moves in the direction of the village of Pervomayskaya. Plus, the United States sent us some pictures where you can see start anti-aircraft missiles “Beech” from a place 6 kilometers away from the Snow.

we will Remind, on June 8 Berger reported that the body of the commander of the downed Boeing found a piece of butterfly-shaped. According to the investigation, these submunitions have missiles SAM “Buk”.

the court in the case of the crash of flight MH17, shot down over the Donbas in the summer of 2014, began in the Netherlands March 9, 2020. The prosecution alleges that the airliner was shot down by a Russian SAM missile that was launched from the area of the settlements may day and the Snow. The territory controlled by the militia forces.

it is Worth noting that the Russian investigation of the crash is not allowed. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation considers the actions of an international group of biased and one-sided.