The Romanian authorities may recognize the Russian Federation as a hostile state

Romania can recognize the Russian Federation as a threat to the region and hostile government. This is stated in the draft national defense strategy of the country in 2020-2024 years.

the Supreme defence Council headed by President Klaus Iohannis, endorsed the project. If the document will support both houses of Parliament, it will take effect.

the document, published on the website of the presidential administration of Romania, it is noted that the capacity of the Russian Federation’s military capacity in the Black sea and the holding of military exercises creates serious challenges for the national interests of Romania. This situation could negatively affect the country’s security.

In its assessment of the project, the President Iohannis emphasized that the national security strategy proposes to focus on integrated management of threats and risks.

Also, Johannis said that it is a global paradigm shift that takes into account developments in the region, the spread of terrorism, hybrid and cyber threats, the deterioration of relations between NATO and Russia and other challenges, reports the newspaper “Izvestia”.