“Basta”, “releases”, “resignation”: some 10,000 Romans recently met under the balconies of the mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, to express their anger in front of his management “disastrous”. “Twenty-eight months, this is enough,” chanted the crowd. The beautiful Capitol square designed by michelangelo provided a spectacle rather unusual. Luisa, a yoga teacher exasperated by “the decadence”, wielding a broom gardener. “Very useful, may be unknown to Rome,” proclaimed a sign hanging from the handle.

public Transport break down, buses that burn in the center of the city (21 since the beginning of the year), rubbish littering the streets, wild boars surprised near garbage cans in the outlying suburbs, potholes are deadly for the two-wheeled, pedestrian overpasses, poorly reported, traffic chaotic, suburban degraded, green spaces, abandonment, trees falling on cars with the slightest gust: the grievances accumulate against the lawyer of 40 years elected …

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