The Russian Embassy in the United States requires from Bloomberg an apology for the blatantly false article

the Russian Embassy in the US said about the outright lies that you made in your post, Bloomberg, and demanded an apology, denials, and “respect for private clients”.

this is the paper edition, which provides false data on the number of hospital beds in Russia. The author, working for Bloomberg, claimed and illustrated his assertion graphs that per thousand population in Russia accounts for 3.8 hospital beds (despite the fact that in OECD countries the figure is 8.2). While on the website of the world Bank, to which the author refers, presented opposite results: in Russia — 8.2 beds per thousand population, in the countries of the Organization for economic and cooperation and development is 3.8. Russian diplomats have pointed out to Bloomberg that the data from the material agencies, thus, are not true.

Changing the graphics in some places, the editors down to outright fraud, said Russian diplomats. Readers are invited to compare the original sources, reports RIA Novosti. Embassy staff noted that in addition to allegations Bloomberg started a blatant lie. And this lie will not help defeat the epidemic of the coronavirus COVID-19, recalled Russian diplomats.

This is not the first time Bloomberg gets into a scandal because of the publications about Russia. The Agency had earlier released an article titled “Experts want to know why the coronavirus killed more Russians.” After the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova pointed out that such a publication is part of a disinformation campaign against Russia, the editors changed “spooky” title. Now the publication entitled “Experts question about Russian data on mortality from COVID-19”.