The Russian President responded to the issues last time

Vladimir Putin stated that, unlike USA, Russia has been steadily moving from a situation with a coronavirus, and it’s “management system”. What else told the President in an interview to the program “Moscow.The Kremlin.Putin”.

for the First time of a pandemic an interview with the head of the state. The most pressing and important issues of recent months sets the co-author and co-host of the program “Moscow. The Kremlin. Putin” Paul Zarubin; the President is responsible.

One of the most important topics for the upcoming July 1 nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution. Protection of motherhood and childhood. Minimum wage not less than minimum wage. Mandatory indexation of pensions. In fact, the principles of social justice that offer to consolidate in the main law of the country.

“Well, for example, the Constitution refers to the need for the normal functioning of the pension system, that it should be. But nothing said so far was that she should — that pension income should be regularly indexed. Well, why not? And Yes, I understand, was not possible even to do that. And although the law was, but another law has always allowed to correct previous about the need for indexing. But if it be laid down in the Constitution, then any government in future will not you do not, can not be indexed”, — said the President.

In the period of the pandemic the importance of the proposed amendments is absolutely clear: guarantee the availability and quality of medical care, workers ‘ rights, children as a priority of state policy. In fact, these principles the state is already implementing, but to fix them in the main law of the country is crucial.

“That they worked on. So they are not forgotten and was then cleaned of practical life”, — said Vladimir Putin.

a Broad discussion of the amendments taking into account a variety of points of view, according to the President, not a minus, but rather a plus: possagnosti hear criticism and take it into account. Moreover, the suggestions relate to the most important for the country. In particular, the redistribution of public powers and the powers of the President.

“the President has given some very significant powers. If today, today, the President himself approves the Chairperson of the government with the consent of the state Duma, and then he says finally, and then without the consent of the Parliament appoints the Ministers in fact, the situation is changing dramatically. Now the final decision on the Prime Minister takes Parliament itself as well as the Ministers, and the President in the proposed Constitution has no right to reject them. This significant part of the powers given to the Parliament. Yes, the Federation Council does not approve the power of Ministers, but still, the President must hold consultations. But still this means that these people need to come out into the Light, to act in the Federation Council, tell us about yourself, tell about how they intend to organize their work, to come to the Federation Council to report on this work. This is another step forward towards democratization of our society. Gradually, without jerks, but it is in this direction”, — explained the head of state.

the President Commented on the recent events in the United States — riots that actually show the deep crisis of the system of management, which in the period of a pandemic, almost paralyzed the whole country. Vladimir Putin said: “We are talking about the fact that in certain costs, problems, losses, but still we are quite rhythmically, so to speak, work and get out of this situation with coronavirus confidently, with minimal losses. God grant, that and further was. This, in particular, the system of control. Because we expanded government works as one team. I mean the government and heads of regions. Well, I doubt someone onwith somewhere or in government, or in regions suddenly said “let’s Not do what the government says or the President says. We believe it is inappropriate”. Well, what is there? Here the President says “we Need to make something, so… at governors say, “fuck away.” Well, I think here the problem is that group party interests in this case are put above the interests of society and interests of the people.”

what else said the head of state? How the country has changed in 20 years? The full interview of the Russian President — the TV channel “Russia 1” already next Sunday, June 21, at 22.00. The premiere of the film Paul Zarubin “Russia. The Kremlin. Putin”.