The Russian response to a nuclear test could transform American investments in the pacifier

In response to the possible nuclear test, the United States, Russia could withdraw from the Treaty on comprehensive ban of nuclear tests and that our country will be even profitable. This opinion was expressed to RIA Novosti associate Professor of international security faculty of world politics of Moscow state University Alexei Fenenko.

Earlier, The Washington Post reported, citing an anonymous high-ranking sources in the US administration discussed the possibility to conduct the first since 1992 nuclear test. The question, according to the newspaper, was raised at the meeting of senior representatives of major us national security departments on may 15. Prior to this, the representatives of the US administration accused Russia and China in conducting small nuclear tests.

Russia’s withdrawal from the Treaty on comprehensive ban of nuclear tests (CTBT) is possible, says Fenenko, reminding Russia in 1996 with the signing of the CTBT declared a condition of their right to withdraw from this agreement subject to threats to its national interests.

the Script out of the CTBT, according to the expert, for Russia was favorable, as the collapse of this agreement will cause enormous damage to the United States. The Treaty itself is in force has not entered, however, there is an international monitoring system global monitoring of nuclear tests and the main sponsor of this system — the United States.

“If Russia would withdraw from the Treaty and stop cooperation with it, it turns out, all American investments go to waste,” says Fenenko.

a Number of countries, including the United States and China, signed in 1996 a Treaty on the comprehensive test ban Treaty is still not ratified. Russia did it in 2000. The countries possessing nuclear weapons have taken on voluntary commitments not to conduct such tests.

recently, the United States declared its desire to withdraw from the Treaty on open skies. According to Washington, to blame Russia, which allegedly is not in compliance with the provisions of this agreementthief. The Russian foreign Ministry the claims of Washington to the agreement called the “senseless and unacceptable”, stressing that the United States once again engaged in misinformation.