The Sheremetyevo airport launched a new terminal at a cost of 32 billion rubles

At the airport “Sheremetyevo” has earned a new terminal C1, the correspondent of “Vedomosti”. This is the fifth terminal “Sheremetyevo”. It has an area of 127 000 sq. m, capacity – 20 million passengers per year. Since its commissioning the total capacity of the “Sheremetyevo” has reached 80 million people.

C1 is intended to service international destinations, today he took the first flight on Board of Aeroflot from Helsinki (the plane landed at 13.02 GMT). According to information on the online scoreboard Sheremetyevo, the new terminal also today, the plane will fly “Aeroflot” from Dresden at 18.20 GMT. At 21.15 GMT from terminal S1 scheduled flight to Bucharest. Both flights will be performed on the Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft.

Investment in the terminal amounted to RUB 32 billion. with Parking, said the Chairman of the Board of Directors “Sheremetyevo” Alexander Ponomarenko. Last year “Sheremetyevo” reported that the construction of C1 cost of 19.9 billion rubles.

“Sheremetyevo” became the eighth largest airport in Europe For a year, he moved up two steps, ahead of Munich airport and the London Gatwick

C1 the same as the terminal B of the airport (together they form the North terminal complex and are a continuation of each other), will be intended only for “Aeroflot”, told “Vedomosti” in November, the staff of “Sheremetyevo”, “Aeroflot” and other airlines. Aeroflot creates around 80% of passenger traffic in Sheremetyevo and is positioned as a premium carrier. Now domestic flights the airline operates from terminal b, which opened in may 2018, International flights, Aeroflot will also continue to carry out work with 2010 terminal D and E and the terminal F was built in 1980 for the Olympics. In turn, the terminals D, E, F perform flights with all airlines “Sheremetyevo”.

get to termcrystals C1 and In the bus running “the Aeroexpress train” from subway station “Khovrino”. Trains “Aeroexpress” now go only to the South terminal Sheremetyevo – D F and E. From these terminals, passengers can also reach In and C1 (the Northern terminals. – “Vedomosti”) for the underground tunnels on the train, which connects the southern and Northern terminal complexes.

Sheremetyevo is the largest airport in Russia, at the end of 2018, he first entered the top ten busiest airports in Europe (took 10-th place). In 2015-2017, “Sheremetyevo”, according to airports Council International, was on the 11th place in Europe in 2014 and earlier – on the 12th, yielding a “Domodedovo”. In 2019, the airport “Sheremetyevo” have taken a 49.9 million people, this is the eighth in Europe.

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