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The young spaniards emancipated on average to 29 years old , according to the latest data from the barometer european Eurostat. Sociologists point to youth unemployment, the precariousness of jobs and the shortage of public funds to buy or rent a home among the main reasons that explain this difference, which is accentuated also by cultural reasons.

The earliest in leaving the family home, however, are the swedes , that make it to the 21 years, followed at a little distance by the danes, and the luxembourg.

Of the nineteen countries of the euro zone, Spain occupies the sixth place by the tail with regard to the age at which young people leave the family home, only surpassed by Italy (30,1 years), Slovakia (30,8 years), the republics that formed the former Yugoslavia (31.5 years), Croatia (31,9 years) and Malta (32,2 years). The european average stands at 26 years.

Spain , according to the latest data from the Observatory of Emancipation of the Youth Council of Spain, referring to the first half of 2017, the rate of young people emancipated under the age of 29 years does not reach 20 %.

Francisco Núñez, a sociologist and profesore of the school of Arts and Humanities of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), explains that the difficulties of finding a job that will allow the young to be emancipated, added to the precariousness of the wages of many jobs and the rise of the prices of purchase and of rent, they do delay the option of going home to the young people.

The average salary of a young spaniard between the ages of 16 and 29 years of age stood in 2017, little more than 11,000 euros, a figure higher than for the group of 30 to 34 years, to the tune of 15,000 euros, according to the Council of Youth of Spain. With these salaries, the indebtedness of a young man to buy a home up to 60 % (in the case of those under 29 years) and more than 40 % among those between 30 and 34 years, figures that are much higher debt ratios tolerable, which is close to the 30 % of the net salary.