The stars of YouTube have decided to wear the costume of “influencers” they’re assigned often. Sixty of each other, announced, Monday, November 5, the upcoming launch of a campaign to encourage their community to adopt eco-friendly action. Among these creators : Norman, EnjoyPhoenix, Jhon Rachid or Natoo, with over twenty million subscribers on the platform.

For one month from November 15 to December 15, they filmeront each day being a challenge to reduce their impact on the environment. These sixty-two videographers will form three teams : there will be those who will change their diet, those who will cease to use plastic, and those who no longer use their car.

The purpose of this project, called ” We are ready “, is to encourage viewers to imitate each other that they watch usually the sketches, short films or videos of popular science. And thus put to profit the strike force available to these famous videographers with young people.

A “click” after the resignation of Hulot

“It is estimated that after thirty days the fold is taken and that the right actions have all the chances to stay,” explained the Parisian Magalie Payen, coordinator of the movement ” We are ready “. Among these good habits : “go to a bank that does not finance projects fossil, decrease the meat, or turn the heating down “, details the actor Baptiste Lorber in the video of the campaign launch.

According to organizers, the idea for this campaign would have sprouted in the wake of the resignation of Nicolas Hulot in his position of the minister of ecological transition on the 28th of August. This start was a shock, ” said the Parisian Lénie, a member of the team of Professor Foliage, known for its chronic green on YouTube. “This is one of the clicks to not leave the vital issue of global warming solely in the hands of politicians. “

On 8 October, a similar initiative had seen the light of day on social networks, under the slogan ” There is still time “. In a video, ten-nine each other called the people to participate in marches for climate action taking place all over France on Saturday, October 13, and to adopt behaviours that are more virtuous in the fight against climate change.