The state Department believes that Russia poses a threat to the line of defense of NATO

Russia is increasing military presence in the Arctic, threatens the Faeroe-Icelandic frontier (line of defense NATO), said the first Deputy assistant Secretary of state for European Affairs and Eurasian Affairs Michael Murphy.

Russia and China increasingly try to challenge the United States, the West and allies, and the Arctic is not immune from that, added Murphy. Created a unified strategic command on the basis of the Northern fleet on the Kola Peninsula deployed the s-400 system. This goes beyond territorial defense, and will prevent Canada and the United States to regroup in the event of a crisis.

Russia believes. that destabilization in the Arctic is caused by the activity of NATO in the region. This was stated by a senior official of the Arctic Council of the Russian Federation Nikolay Korchunov.

on March 5, the Russian leader Vladimir Putin approved the foundations of state policy of the Russian Federation in the Arctic until 2035, according to which the Arctic should remain a territory of peace and stable partnership.

Meanwhile, a large anti-submarine ship of the Northern fleet “Severomorsk” will hold a training session on search of the submarine set out on a search with anti-submarine helicopter Ka-27PL.

Simultaneously, to underwater tests in the White sea launched missile underwater strategic cruiser “Prince Vladimir”, the press service of the Northern fleet.

the Submarine forces of the Northern fleet — the most powerful Association of nuclear submarines of the Russian Navy.