The state Department believes that Russia should

Russia should “get out of the Middle East,” said assistant Secretary of state David Schenker.

According to him, to keep the Russians away from the Middle East is a cornerstone of Washington’s policy all the last 45 years. “Now they’re playing a destructive role. And we, frankly, think they need to get out of there,” said Schenker.

according to RIA Novosti, he also criticized the policy of the previous us administration. According to him, Barack Obama has agreed to come to Russia to Syria, believing that it will delay its quagmire. However, the Russians changed the course of the war, and Bashar al-Assad remains in power until now. “Honestly, I think it was a failure,” said assistant Secretary of state.

moreover, after his success in Syria, Russia moved to action in Libya, where she is now “productive or not plays a stabilizing role.”

the War in Libya has been ongoing for nine years. Russia has repeatedly stated that it does not interfere in the conflict, and not military aid to any of the parties. In Syria, the Russian military are in 2015 at the request of the official Syrian authorities. They help in the fight against terrorists.