The state Department condemned the UNHRC resolution on racial discrimination and police violence in the United States

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo criticized the decision of the UN Council on human rights (HRC) on the adoption of the resolution calling for the high Commissioner for human rights Michelle Bachelet. It is expected that Bachelet will prepare a report on systematic racism in the United States, which resulted in the death of a black George Floyd.

This is a new low, said Pompeo, because of the HRC, where still part of Venezuela and was part of China, and Cuba, is a haven for dictators and their fellow Democrats. But what is happening in America social processes just show the strength and maturity of American democracy.

If the HRC was honest, he would have accepted responsibility and transparency of American democracy and called on other regimes to focus on her. So the decision to withdraw from the HRC in 2018 was wise, said Pompeo.

Previously, the members of the UNHRC condemned the continuing racial discrimination and violent actions of the police in the United States. And condemned structural racism in the criminal justice system, RIA Novosti reported.