The suppression of riots in the United States and the Russian Federation: assessment of the Russian opposition

In the United States against an aggressive audience, instigators and provocateurs used batons and rubber bullets in the worst case — shooting combat. In Russia, the “progressive fighters against the regime” very reserved condemn American police. While the Russian police for action to stop the unrest almost ready to Lynch.

American police and national guard shoot to kill with rubber bullets in the head. A tear gas grenade is quite able to break through the skull. The world sees a blood-stained face not only demonstrators, but also journalists.

“From the very beginning of the protests in Minneapolis the police were fully armed with not only specifics, but also of wood clubs; such clubs they used in Ferguson, in Baltimore, you can compare them just with baseball bats, — says human rights activist Alexander Ionov. — Isn’t getting a baseball bat to the head and a rubber bullet in the head is a democracy in the 21st century? To hear, of course, the comments of those people who put the Russian police, as terrible and bad, and the Americans – it’s the democracy”.

And reviews almost there. Pavel Chikov, Peter Verzilov — even those human rights defenders write something timidly in Twitter account. And all.

“the Individual performances began to appear today, only after Simonyan in the Telegram wrote that for some reason do not hear our liberals. And they are very careful in any case not to touch the sponsor and the hegemon decided a little indignant. All liberal-minded journalists in Russia, Ukraine and all over the world are silent,” — says Oleg noginskiy, expert of the Scientific center of Eurasian integration.

Although the press in the United States goes to cool. A rubber bullet hit a reporter for Deutsche Welle directly during a live broadcast. The correspondent of RIA Novosti, Mikhail Turgiev a police officer in Minneapolis has burst out of the spray in the face pepper spray.

One girl Samantha Shader thrown in the police car a bottle with an incendiary mix, but it did not explode. Samantha was arrested, they said she was biting at the time of arrest. In General, the girl now faces life in prison.

And we have Eugene Kovalenko, who during last year’s protests started at the policeman trash can, and received three and a half years in prison. There’s a difference?

“Terms of three and five years of imprisonment did not fit in the time stipulated by the American legislation is up to life imprisonment, — says Lieutenant Colonel of the interior Ministry Oleg Ivannikov, Director of the charitable institutions of “law and order”. And so many pseudo-opposition use it, provoke the police, trying to catch a certain HYIP and to enhance their political bonuses”.

that summer, when nauskat conventional liberal crowd in Moscow were demolished fences, the police batons are not even raised, although these supposedly peaceful demonstrations people came with knives and pepper spray. They just disarmed.

But in the States now shooting in Kentucky man died.

“the Police just intentionally kill people, poison them with tear gas, making them disabled. And for some reason everyone is silent,” — said human rights activist Alexander Ions.

Kirill Zhukov in the summer of 2019 was trying to rip the helmet from rogatica and received three years in prison. So it was with Ivan Podkopaev, who sprayed a gas canister in the direction of security forces. Daniel, the Fugitive, darnowski police for two years. For five years the villages Vladislav Tit for calling for the massacre of the children of security forces.

Imagine what they might have in America was? But imaginary fighters against the regime States to abuse unprofitable.

“If you had published open records at the state Department website, where they can trace to the destination every dollar, now it is veiled, not to compromitirawati agents of influence in Russia, — says political scientist Grigory Nazarenko. — That is, to bite the hand that feeds, is also unreasonable. These conditional opposition can be understood; it is not only double standards, that they have this mode of thinking. Maybe it’s a split personality someone is.”

Is a Russian COP to swing a baton at provocateur Creek in all social networks. And when an American COP shoots a protester’s head — here, they say, it’s the law. Pseudologica of the pseudo clearly fails, as the law enforcement system of the United States, according to the current street fighting.