The images of Islamists calling for a caliphate at a demonstration in Hamburg caused nationwide outrage. Now the Union wants to take action against Islamists and some key points have already been made public.

At the CDU/CSU parliamentary group on Tuesday, the Union passed a motion to take action against political Islam. In the future, as in many other European countries, calling for a caliphate will be punishable. “Bild” first reported this.

Most recently, Islamists who took to the streets in Hamburg to demand a caliphate caused outrage across the country. The two rallies came from the environment of the “Muslim Interaktiv” group, which the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution classified as definitely extremist.

In addition, people with two nationalities should lose their German status if they support an Islamist theocracy. In addition, corresponding asylum seekers should no longer receive payments and should be deported. In addition, corresponding organizations should be banned, such as the Islamic Center in Hamburg.

“The Islamist threat to our liberal democracy is enormous,” CDU interior expert Christoph de Vries told “Bild” and added: “We have a broad action plan against Islamism with concrete measures and steps that are particularly aimed at protecting young Muslims aimed at Islamist influencers.”