Correspondent in Istanbul

“You waiting for someone?” The eyes filled with sleep, Yigit Aksakoglu, of course, the doorbell input. It is 6 o’clock in the morning on Friday in Istanbul, and his wife, Unzile, not expecting anyone. Yigit, who works for the Dutch foundation Bernard Van Leer, jumped up from the bed, moves towards the door, turns the handle. Nine police officers – only two of whom in uniform – waiting for him on the landing to stop it. “I didn’t understand anything. I just chained the questions. Where to take her? How could I see it? When? In fact, what is the reason for his arrest?” said Unzile, reliving the scene.

She is sitting, hands in tense anxiety, to the bottom of the cabinet Asli Kazan, the lawyer of her husband. That same Friday, November 16, twelve other people, academics, journalists and figures from civil society, were also arrested in the same conditions – including one in a hotel from Kas, on the shores of the Mediterranean, where she was staying. …

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