The U.S. justice Department requires a court ban on the publication of the memoirs of the former assistant trump

In the database of the Federal court of the district of Columbia Washington appeared the claim of the Ministry of justice against the former assistant to the President for national security John Bolton in connection with the upcoming publication of his memoir about work in the White house.

Us authorities impute Bolton breach of obligations (disclosure of classified information), which he had to perform, becoming assistant to the President. Therefore, according to the U.S. Department of justice, the court must impose a ban on the publication of a memoir of Bolton in connection with the possible disclosure of classified information.

the lawsuit alleges that the book contains many sensitive information. In addition, the prosecution said that the defendant waived review of the workbook, on their own decision about publication of some facts, reports TASS.

a Different position of human rights activists. According to the organization “the American Union of civil liberties,” the attempt of the present authorities to prohibit the publication of the memoirs of John Bolton will fail.

Meanwhile, the President trump believes that competent authorities should draw Bolton to criminal liability, if, in accordance with the requirements of the lawyers of the American government it will not remove from the book some facts.

In March 2018 Bolton was appointed by President trump’s assistant for homeland security. Eighteen months later he was dismissed.