The UN Secretary General stated about the Iranian trace in the attacks on Saudi oil facilities

Cruise missiles used to attack the oil infrastructure and international airport “Abha” in Saudi Arabia last year, was of Iranian origin. About it reports Reuters, said in a report to the UN Security Council, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, antónio Guterres.

the UN investigated the fragments of the weapons used to attack the Saudi oil facility infrastructure AFIP in may 2019 at the international airport “Abha” in June and August, and objects on the fields of Abqaiq and Juris in September. In the opinion of the UN Secretariat, cruise missiles, or parts thereof, used in these four attacks, “was of Iranian origin”.

the 14-page report also States about the Iranian origin of the drone, used for attacks in may and September 2019, as well as several samples of weapons and related materials seized by the United States in November 2019 and February 2020. Publicly report Guterres was not common.

conclusions about the origin of the weapons was made on the basis of the similarity of its design with the products of one of the commercial producers in Iran or available on the components of the inscriptions in Farsi.

UN Secretary-General twice a year inform the Council on the enforcement of the arms embargo and other restrictions against Iran which are still in force after nuclear deal with Tehran. The current report Guterres should be discussed at a meeting of the UN Security Council later this month.

the drone strikes on its oil infrastructure of Saudi Arabia on September 14 last year led to a severe reduction in oil supplies to the world market. Responsibility for the attack was taken by Yemeni rebels, the Houthis, Washington did not believe them and accused the Iranian authorities. In Tehran on charges in the attack reject.

In the last report, antónio Guterres to the security Council said UN experts were unable to prove Iran’s involvement in the September attacks on enterprises of the Saudi oil company.