The UN security Council first heard the real voice of the Crimean people

the inhabitants of the Crimea received the first podium of the UN. Them there very long were not allowed. They consciously come to a referendum and have made their choice — to be part of Russia. Ukraine, Britain, USA and Estonia refused to participate in the meeting under the Arria formula. Russia’s envoy to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia said in a live program “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” how significant is this breakthrough in which Crimeans were able to convey their point of view.

According to Nebenzu, the Arria formula is a format of meetings under the auspices of the UN security Council. It was invented in 1992 by then-Venezuelan Ambassador Diego arias and was named in honor of him. At first it was informal, almost confidential meeting, where the stands were made by the representatives of civil society, which for one reason or another could not speak at the Security Council. Subsequently, the Arria formula was transformed. Now this meeting on almost any topic that a member of the security Council wishes to discuss. It can involve all the member countries of the UN. Formula is not confidential, but is outside the framework of the UN security Council meeting.

“Meeting at the Arria formula organized by our Western partners of Ukraine on the issue of Crimea. The last meeting took place on March 6. We proposed to invite as speakers representatives of the Crimea. We were denied. Then we decided to hold a private meeting to give a platform to the residents of the Crimea, to tell about the real situation in the Crimea”, — said Russia’s permanent representative to the United Nations.

According to Basil of Nebenzu, this meeting has not turned the minds and performance of our partners about the occupation and aggression, they are still living in this paradigm: “They don’t know and don’t want to hear about what is really happening on the Peninsula. However, to underestimate this is not necessary. First podium of the UN was received by the inhabitants of the Crimea, who expressed his attitude to what is happening. Indeed, many surreal produgoes around the Crimea and around the Ukraine’s relations with Russia. And the problems in our relationship did not begin 2014, but much earlier”.

to Say that with the change of government in Kiev, something has changed in Ukrainian foreign policy, it would be naive, said the Ambassador. “Moreover, we have the impression that the only priority of Ukrainian foreign policy is to counter Russia by all possible means,” — said Nebenzia.

“Now the Americans are trying to find a new scapegoat in the face of China. Anti-Chinese rhetoric of the United States covering the extent of what happened against Russia over the past two years. China is not the country that will be silent. They long harness, but then you can go. We in the Security Council, the quintessence and held hostage all of these contradictions was the resolution on the coronavirus, which we discuss here for two months”, — the politician concluded.