The United States blocked a draft statement of Russia in Venezuela

the United States blocked a Russian draft statement of the UN security Council to the press, urging them to respect the sovereignty of Venezuela. This Twitter was announced by first Deputy permanent representative Dmitry Polyanskiy.

the text of the statement mentioned that members reject the use of force, as foreseen by the UN Charter. The diplomat drew attention to the fact that the text proposed by Russia of the document there were no charges, only support the basic and General principles.

on may 3, the Venezuelan authorities announced the penetration of a group of mercenaries from Colombia, they were planning to carry out a coup. Among the detainees were Americans, reports channel “Russia 24”.

In August 2018, the United States and Colombia, according to Nicolas Maduro, arranged to assassinate him. Then multiple drones Laden with explosives, approached the place of parade, hosted by Nicolas Maduro. All the drones were shot down by police snipers. As a result, seven security guards were injured and were hospitalized.

on February 23 last year, the Venezuelan opposition tried to organize the delivery to the country of the us humanitarian aid across the border with Colombia, but the attempt failed, and on the border clashes.