The United States will enter into the global AI organization to influence China

USA the last of the G7 countries decided to join the international organization, which will advise companies and governments on responsible development of artificial intelligence. Washington’s decision due to fears of the threat of the development of AI with Beijing, according to Bloomberg.

the Group, called the Global partnership for artificial intelligence, will study and make recommendations on the creation of artificial intelligence technologies, respecting privacy and civil liberties, said Michael Kratsios, Advisor to the President of the United States Donald trump on technology issues.

U.S. officials plan to talk about his participation in the program at the meeting of Ministers of science and technology of the countries “Big seven”. It is expected that in addition to the members of the G7 to the program eventually will be joined by several countries outside this group, including New Zealand.

Crazies acknowledged that the trump generally skeptical of multilateral agreements, but stated that this is important now because of China’s approach to AI, which often involves the use of new technology to improve the already massive surveillance of citizens.

According to Graziose, the Chinese government “misrepresented [the use of] AI in such a way that it is in direct conflict with the values of the US and its allies.”

Tensions between the U.S. and China, increased during the whole period of the presidency of Donald trump, last week marked a new stage in connection with the adoption of the Chinese law on national security. The law establishes the right of China to apply national legislation in Hong Kong and prohibits interference in the Affairs of the territory from external forces. The bill, which considering the Chinese authorities, condemned in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, the European Union. U.S. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo said Wednesday that the country can no longer consider Hong Kong as a politically Autonomous region, which could lead to sanctions.

Crazies compared the new partnership at the AI with the previous US efforts to curb the influence of China on 5G wireless technology.

last year, the United States and 31 countries met in Prague and agreed on a set of cybersecurity standards, which included warnings about the suppliers from countries not adhering to international standards for security and data protection.

It was widely seen as a dig at Huawei Technologies and ZTE, a large Chinese producers of telecommunication equipment. The U.S. tried to keep these companies away both from her and from the international market, arguing that Chinese companies are setting up their equipment loopholes for spies in Beijing. Both companies strongly denied the charges.

the Idea as 5G, and the AI, is to set limits for Chinese companies seeking to expand abroad, said Kratsios. For many years, American technology leaders have suggested that Chinese influence may lead to violations of freedom of speech around the world because companies in China are required by law to censor politically sensitive topics, at the same time allowing the authorities access to user data.

the White house expressed similar concerns. In last year’s speech Crazies warned that the adoption of Chinese standards in 5G and AI can “repeat the same mistakes that have made our country almost 20 years ago,” when China joined the world trade organization.

a meeting of the G7 on Thursday will be held under the leadership of Graciosa and Director of the office for science and technology policy the White house Calvin Droegemeier. New group asks participating countries to follow the principles developed by the Organisation for economic cooperation and development, which recommends the development of artificial intelligence technology respecting human rights and transparent for all involved. The members will be appointed by each country and consist of experts from academia, business and non-profit organizations.

ahead of the meeting Creticos said that the pandemic COVID-19 made concerns about China’s more urgent, pointing to reports that Beijing has silenced critics of his reaction to coronavirus, and a new system that keeps track of citizens and automatically assigns them a color code, which is then used to restrict their movement.