The US is preparing new sanctions against the

a Group of U.S. senators intend to introduce a bill to expand sanctions against the pipeline “Nord stream-2”.

according to TASS, reported the Agency Bloomberg, referring to the document, which appeared in his possession.

it is Noted that this bill may be included in American national defence act and according to him, sanctions will be directed against the companies insuring and providing port services to Russian vessels involved in the completion of the project.

Thus, restrictions may be directed against the pipe layers “Academician Chersky” and “fortune”.

Bloomberg recalled that one of the initiators of the document, Senator Ted Cruz called “Nord stream-2” national threat to the United States, urging to do everything possible to disrupt its construction.

the Project “Northern stream-2” involves the construction of two pipelines under the Baltic sea from Russia to Germany. Currently, the pipeline was built by 93%.