The US is trying to make China a scapegoat

Author: Dmitry Kiselev

When in China, I hear accusations from the US, we react in a tougher and tougher. Short but very scathing editorial published, the main newspaper of the country — the Central organ of the CPC Central Committee Renmin Ribao. Usually such studs are printed somewhere in the paper thickness of the pages. A good editorial on the first page. Significant. Not otherwise than from the top. Title — “American policymakers should treat psychological pathology of passing the buck on others.” Psychological pathology. Well. So what is it according to Beijing?

All the points. Psychopathology from three sources. First. About the highest echelon of the United States. Human limitations of leaders. “The basic policy of the United States have neither professional nor practical experience, they can only say what comes to their mind. Such people can constantly make absurd statements. U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo paid special attention to the idea that “the leak of the virus occurred from Wuhan lab.” However, from the office of the Director of national intelligence and the Alliance of the Five eyes (intelligence agencies of the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand), to the chief scientist-infectious diseases of the U.S. Anthony Fauci, all claim that the virus was created artificially”, — the newspaper writes.

According to “people’s daily”, the second source of the American psychopathology of shifting the blame on others insincerity, i.e. hidden intentions: “some politicians, knowing that preventive efforts are ineffective, are in search of a scapegoat to shift the responsibility on to the who and China. As for the people who die every day, they don’t say”.

And finally, the third source of American psychopathology — the lack of solid political foundations. “In the political arena of Washington that received highOkie the evaluation of the previous day, may be the target of attacks today, a lie comes out of nowhere. Some politicians take any measures to achieve political goals. These politicians speak of public resources, deliberately manipulate public opinion, traditionally used goodness of the American people for their own purposes”, — the newspaper notes. Gently but firmly uncompromising. And with accurate analysis.

Alexander Balitsky

With a voice full portrait likeness, image other tenor Han Jun to be and could not. Home “Great helmsman” of the Chinese scene rehearsing a batch of “red star over China”. She put on the famous book by American journalist snow once changed the entire view of the West about Communist China.

“This work, Americans today would be good to reread if they want to understand China, because it reflects the true Chinese revolutionary spirit that America needs to respect”, — said the Opera singer.

on tour in America Han passed right before the beginning of the epidemic, and the U.S. “red star over China” was applauded. The worst of China today, to hear trump statements that American presidents were not allowed even in the cold war era.

“We could completely break off relations. If you did, what would happen? You would save $ 500 billion if completely broke,” said Donald trump.

the Diagnosis of the Chinese press set momentarily, the White house mentally ill: “This madness is a clear by-product primarily of the notorious alarm, from which the United States are suffering since then, as China began its global ascent. It is also a combination of envy and panic on the part of the Washington elite, who recognize the significant gap between the US and China in that both countries have responded to the pandemic.”

“the Current hosesdstvo US tries to use China as a scapegoat. We have repeatedly expressed their protests against the actions of the current American administration, even former US President Obama was criticized for its inadequate approach to the problem of the spread of the virus,” said Nguyen of Tsunza, Vice President of the China Institute of international relations.

“Inadequate approach” is a striving trump’s “discover America” at any cost. This said, even the chief specialist of the U.S. coronavirus Dr. Fauci. How you react in the White house and the state Department on the scientists ‘ opinion, showed the Chinese Global Times

From behind the fence of the Embassy in Beijing, us diplomats were actually able to see for themselves how China resisted the epidemic and what price — including economic — was able to defeat her. But such a task in front of them, apparently not.

unlike trump, who is threatening to inflate to China fees, Beijing reduces them: 18 — may-79 position of the American import. As it was stipulated. And although — according to Chinese media – was in the government of the PRC and its “hawks”, who in response to the attacks from Washington offered to the former to break the agreement, especially what to buy in a crisis of goods at 200 billion China will not be easy, and a full-fledged trade war Washington force of the epidemic remained, Beijing will remain faithful to the agreements.

“China urges the United States to stop frivolous lawsuits against China, to focus more on the epidemic and protect the lives and health of the American people, and stop playing games on the decline of the dollar”, — said the official representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry Zhao Lijiang.

the possibility of the mirror response, Beijing does not exclude: creates its sanctions list, where among U.S. senators-Republicans will be the first sponsor of the bill anti-China sanctions, Lindsey Graham — one who had made the same against Russia.

but politicians in the stop list China may turn out to be company of Missouri, whose attorney filed a claim for compensation by the Beijing economic damages, and real icons of American high-tech business, from Apple to Qualcomm — whose production is largely tied to the Chinese market.

“Remember, in 2008 China and the United States have successfully cooperated with each other, and the experience of cooperation shows that from a financial point of view it is effective. And now the coronavirus was a distraction and a tool in the political game of the US leadership, which is committed to a strategic confrontation with China”, — said the Shen Yamei, a researcher China Institute of international relations.

the admonitions of the White house to withdraw from China production of yielded units: Apple partially translates Assembly of Vietnam. While Теsla restarts the pipeline in Shanghai. Exxon Mobil and does begin the construction of a huge petrochemical complex. The Chinese market is that the first starts to get out of coronaries, working here for American companies is our only chance. In China understand the aggressive rhetoric trump, who plans to stay in the White house, connected with the elections.

Shouting to the USA often and espionage. Chinese hackers accused even in the hunt for data about the American vaccine. But what’s the point if China’s already five in the second stage of clinical trials. One such vaccine Chinese scientists showed us — right in your lab.

But what do what do the biological laboratory in the United States, in China, too, completely to hear. And what kind of research, for example, carried out at the army Fort Detrick, near which there was an outbreak of the disease, can have similar symptoms with COVID-19.

“It’s a question that Washington should give an honest answer, especially when the world is facing a serious security threat to its public health" — believe in China.

the United States traditionally leave unanswered, while to get from China millions of sets of personal protective equipment. Well, for his defense in case of escalation influential “Huanzhu the Shibao” calls on the authorities of China to think seriously about the escalating nuclear potential and deploy 100 additional Intercontinental ballistic missiles with thousands of warheads. Not for attacking. For the balance of power.

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