The US withdraws from the Treaty on open skies: meeting the trump was a shock to NATO

the United States is not planning to withdraw from other agreements with Russia, in particular from the Treaty on reducing strategic offensive arms. This was stated by Advisor to the U.S. President for national security Robert O’brien. He noted that the Washington intends to negotiate. But under the Treaty on open skies the States, it seems, and I do not intend to discuss. However, some European allies of the States still hope that the White house will change their decision.

the Russian Tu-154 and its observation flight over Washington — it looked like the open sky. Then, in 2017, TV channels told horror stories about the Russian spy over the capital of the United States, now the level of nonsense has taken a new height: they say that Moscow was spying on the tramp, riding on his Golf club. While on Board were the officers of the Pentagon, agreed with them and the time and route. And they were also flying in the Russian skies 8 times a year, taking our territory.

“we Have very good relations with Russia. But Russia has not adhered to the Treaty. So, until then, until they begin to stick, we will leave. But there is a very good chance that we will sign a new contract or do something again to get this agreement together,” — said the President of the United States Donald trump.

Clearly communicate why the US is not interested in the open skies Treaty, turned out in writing. The statement was made by the state Department. For example, American planes to refuel once allocated the airfield in the Crimea. They were offended, considering the Peninsula Ukrainian.

“just the Russian side has a very clear and long-articulated claims to the Americans. This refusal to grant permission for a departure from the American air traffic regulations, and amendment of special procedures to perform observation flights over the Hawaiian Islands, and the failure to provide overnight to the continental US, and much more,” — said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Forhorova.

to smooth out the roughness, the contract provides for a special Commission. But the US is not turning into it, just went to the exit. And from the antics of trump even in Washington a shock.

“trump and his advisers systematically destroyed by these agreements, referring in particular to their failure to Russia. However, if you look at trump’s approach to these issues, it is to destroy everything completely and does not create anything in return”, — reported in the article on the CNN website.

out of the open skies Treaty, had broken the Treaty on the limitation of intermediate-range and shorter-range, tentative extension of the Treaty on strategic offensive arms. They don’t actually have documents that define international security.

Conceived by Eisenhower, the Treaty on open skies was signed in 1992. Now in the 34 countries. And the United States of American congressmen called a slap in the face to European allies. NATO remains no data that the Americans had previously shared. Torn can be not only agreement, but also trust. Stop Washington asked Stockholm and Berlin.

“I am very sorry in connection with the announcement of the US government about the desire to withdraw from the Treaty. This agreement is an important part of the European architecture of arms control. In recent years really had problems from the Russian side in the implementation of this Treaty. From our point of view it does not justify out of it,” — said the foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas.

the Europeans will be 6 months to convince Americans. The decision will come into force in the autumn.

the US withdrawal from the ABM Treaty — a shock to NATO. The Alliance today extra is going to the Council. States will try to convince the allies of the correctness of the decision, the allies will ask the Americans to think again. NATO said that he would raise another, perhaps the most important question — what of all this will be the consequences for Euro-Atlantic security.