The vaccine, support for the new regime: the situation in Russia

Russia seems to be approaching the next phase of the epidemic in the early stages, when the growth rate of new confirmed cases is becoming less and less. By the end of the week the daily gains dropped to 4%. And although in absolute terms the growth amounted to about 10 000 identified infections a day, still cautious of the downward trend is. And yet we have more than 280 million identified cases. Unfortunately, 2.5 thousand patients could not be saved. On the other hand, we have almost the lowest in the world, the mortality rate from this infection is less than 1%. Another important indicator — Russia today — the world champion on the number of tests performed per day.

may 11 Vladimir Putin in the videoconference held a meeting on the sanitary-epidemiological situation and new measures to support citizens and the economy.

On a new package of government measures to support more extensive and costly than all the previous President announces personally and for the country there’s nothing more important.

“I have Proposed measures to support citizens in the social sphere as a whole, to support the economy are totally unprecedented in scale. Think never, perhaps, in recent history, the state did not allocate such resources in support of our people and private sectors of the economy. I do not remember this. Even in the challenging 2008-2009, during the global financial and economic crises”, — said Vladimir Putin.

the State will take care of all Russian families with children. Child benefit has been doubled. For each child up to three years relying on five thousand rubles a month. From three to sixteen — one-time payment in 10 thousand. Children from three to seven years in low-income families will receive monthly one-half of the subsistence minimum. The more kids the more money from the budget.

“Very convenient. I am very glad that we support. Not only large, but in General families with children. And there’s no problem, went, wrotethe phenomenon of the Pension Fund and all. No personal visits, references,” said a mother Ekaterina Ivanova.

all Executed remotely in your account on the portal of public services, and this option is already breaking all records: ten times more calls than usual. Financial assistance therefore will be able to 27 million people.

“This is a significant cash, which are so essential to the people today. When we actively discussed in the society amendments to the Constitution, it was decided to make the basic law a provision stating that children is the most important priority of state policy. And we see today that it’s not just words,” said the Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Valentina Matvienko.

All this from a President — special monitoring and a report from the government about who and how much has been paid, he requires daily. The Prime Minister wants all Ministers and governors.

“Colleagues, all the measures which we have discussed should be implemented as quickly as possible. And I ask you to work as actively as in the previous solutions. Tasks set by the President to bring tools to people and businesses without delay, you need to decide without delay,” stressed the Chairman of the government Mikhail Mishustin.

the Prime Minister is still in the hospital, but right there holds a government meeting.

“Today his health status already allows you to log into workflow. It is clear that you need more medical procedures. We see that the dynamics is positive, health care workers coped with the task,” said Minister of health Michael Murashko.

In a difficult situation was the Russian business. Especially one that was forced to close the company to quarantine. To restore the production a difficult task. On the one hand, you need to quickly catch up with the other — to do everything very carefully, respecting the necessary procedures. Stateson promises to help everyone who is in a difficult situation saved the team. Under this condition, the businesses can count on unprecedented tax exemption for three months. Under the state guarantee can take the credit on staff salaries, which then can not give. Tax incentives are provided for individual entrepreneurs, self-employed.

“the budget situation is difficult, I mean the drop in prices of our traditional products, exports of oil, other energy sources. Prices fell, revenues declined significantly and we, nonetheless, sought sources in order to support our citizens and the overall economy and individual industries, individual enterprises. But if we do, then we need to bring this all to the end, otherwise the result that we expected and which the people expect from us, will not be achieved”, — said Vladimir Putin.

the President designates only the General outlines, the rest of the governors, and many of the regions where the epidemiological situation allows, gradually lift the restrictions.

In Ufa was opened parks. In Nizhny Novgorod beauty salons. Every employee of the beauty salon must be in a disposable gown, gloves, cap and mask. In Belgorod — clothing stores. On Sakhalin resumed school for high school students. In the Krasnodar region — enterprises such as a furniture factory.

In any industry now have to comply with the new conditions. Personal protective equipment required.

the Moscow metro due to a special regime met the 85th anniversary of the opening of its first line of working life. Work here did not stop, and the reason for this is obvious: at the core of the subway construction — technological processes, which in principle cannot be stopped. But there is an additional meaning: all this time here I tried the precautions that are now being used everywhere.

This mode — masono neretacnyl — now in most Russian major cities. In Moscow for violations — fines in the suburbs — only warnings. The responsibility of the head of the region, and it is the only possible solution is too uneven, the virus is spreading across the country.

“we Have a big country. The epidemiological situation in different regions. We previously considered this factor, but in the coming phase, it is necessary to act more subtly, carefully. Shouldn’t be a total carbon copy, because in some regions, certain actions can create unnecessary risks for citizens and others, on the contrary, lead to unnecessary restrictions on people’s lives, businesses,” — said Vladimir Putin.

But all the regional initiatives only after consultation with the national service of sanitary control. The end of isolation also depends on how efficient are treatments and how soon the vaccine will appear.

“In June, we are completing preclinical studies of efficacy and safety of ready medicinal forms of the vaccine in the minimum amount sufficient for the transition to clinical studies, first and second phase a total of 300 volunteers. We expect to register the vaccine in September of the current year”, — said Rinat Maksyutov, the General Director of State scientific center of Virology and biotechnology “Vector”.

“Very much hope that your work will be completed in the timeframe you mentioned that the registration of the vaccine against the coronavirus will be carried out in September,” — said the President.

Tests are successful in laboratory animals in several Russian research institutes.

“We are working with mice that have humanized. This means that part of the gene replaced by a human. We have already shown the efficiency for a certain combination therapy,” explained Alexander Makarov, Director of the Institute of molecular biology named after V. A. Engelgardt.

“I don’t know how anyone, but for me personally, when you talked about the humanisation of mice, there was a sense of awe, but internal some anxiety. From genetically engineered fantasy creates a variety of images of these humanized mice. I hope that everything is under control”, — said Putin.

“In Novosibirsk, a monument to the laboratory mouse,” — said Alexander Makarov. This monument is really a bronze mouse endowed with human traits.

As the President of the Russian genetics discussed at the meeting with Russian scientists. This is the key to treating not only the fashion industry, but also many other deadly diseases.

“Prepared a unique virus strains which can destroy cells of brain cancer and breast cancer. These results can really become a breakthrough in the treatment of cancer,” — said Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova.

In Russia on behalf of President will be open centers of genetic research, technology partner which will perform the state company “Rosneft”. Domestic science may count on the full assistance of the state.

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