The investigation of Robert Mueller on the interference of Russia in the campaign of 2016 poses for eighteen months a sword of Damocles over the head of Donald Trump. As the calendar picks up after the mid-term elections, the president puts to turn a sword of Damocles over the head of the special prosecutor.

In the favour of the forced departure of Jeff Sessions from the ministry of Justice, Trump has circumvented the traditional rules of acting for, to appoint the chief of staff of the outgoing minister, Matthew Whitaker, and not the attorney general’s office deputy Rod Rosenstein, of which he has had dealings. Whitaker, 49, a former federal prosecutor in his Iowa native, has the favour of the president for reasons as much personal as ideological. Former american football player, beefy plans a insurance that is pleasing to the occupant of the oval Office and displays a loyalty essential in his Administration suspected of harbouring “traitors”. Imposed in Sessions in October 2017, it …

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