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A scent of corruption floats around Benjamin Netanyahu and his entourage. The subject of several police investigations, the prime minister is caught up in political turmoil after the questioning of his lawyer, cousin and confidant, David Shimron in a case of bribery linked to the purchase by Israel of military buildings naval germans.

The scandal said submarine for a file of corruption and influence peddling alleged surrounding an agreement of 2 billion dollars for the purchase of submarines and boats to giant industrial German ThyssenKrupp. The investigators focus on the way in which commissions gargantuan have been paid based on the confidences of Michael Ganor, the negotiator of the sale, which has entered into an agreement to plead guilty with the court. They have recommended to the prosecutor, the indictment of six civilian and military leaders of high rank involved in the case.

“one of The corruption cases of the most serious and the most worrying of the history of Israel”

israeli Press

For the israeli press, referred to “one of the corruption cases of the most serious and the most worrying of the history of Israel”, a network of influence had taken control of a part of the military procurement in israel. The list of suspects includes the former commander of the israeli navy, a general, two generals of brigade reservists, one of which was on the point of chairing the national security Council when the case of the submarines broke out, a former chief of staff to the minister of Finance, who later became the chief of the cabinet of the prime minister and the key person of the business, lawyer David Shimron, the friend of the head of the government. The latter states, moreover, like the other suspects, that he had not committed “any offence” and that he considered himself “innocent”. Germany, which has been playing a suspensive clause on the delivery of the submarine, did not indicate if the contract will be honored.

“success fee” and opening of the doors”

David Shimron is suspected of having been the liaison officer Michael Ganor in order to allow the agreement between Israel and the German manufacturer ThyssenKrupp. It would, according to the investigators, is “obviously used its status and its relationship with the prime minister in its dealings with government and public officials, including legal advisers within the ministry of Defence and the ministry of the Economy”. In exchange for his activities, he would have received a “success fee” in the amount of 270,000 shekels (65.000 euros), according to the statement of the police. Payments rewarding the”opening of doors”. The admiral Eliezer Marom, the former commander of the israeli navy, would have affected around 600,000 shekels (120.000 euros).

prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu had not been disturbed but has been questioned as a witness. His party, the Likud, writes today that the hopes of the opposition of the link to the deal collapsed “in the face of reality”.

Still, the head of government is the subject of multiple investigations for alleged corruption as a suspect or a witness.

The police had recommended in February the review in an inquiry on gifts he allegedly received from wealthy celebrities and a secret agreement that he would have tried to enter into with the owner of a popular daily for favourable coverage. The attorney general has still not settled.